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Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niyazi steps down as AJK Prime Minister – Pakistan

Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi on Thursday submitted his resignation office neutralize move its parliamentary party – PTI – to replace it with Regional President Sardar Tanvir Ilyas through vote of no-confidence.

“In accordance with Article 16 (1) of Constitution AJK, I, the undersigned, resign office of in prime minister’, reads the April 14 handwritten resignation letter addressed to the president of AJK.

Dr. Asif Hussain Shah, secretary of presidential affairsconfirmed Dawn that President Barrister Sultan Mahmoud Chaudhry received and accepted his resignation and forwarded it to the Chief secretary for release of legal notice in in this respect.

Niazi should have face a vote of No confidence on Friday after 25 participants of parliamentary party moved the resolution to this effect against his on Article 18 Tuesday of Constitution of AJK.

The movers charged him with “loss of confidence of parliamentary party, failure highlight Kashmir issue and implement party manifesto in addition to bad management, nepotism and violation of price.”

Because the AJK Constitution makes it mandatory for movers of resolution of no confidence in the appointment of a successor prime ministers, they nominated the party regional president Ilyas to replace Niazi.

BUT session for vote on mistrust move summoned by the Speaker in accordance with Article 27(4) not earlier than three and not later than seven days after receipt of permission.

After approval of majority decision of in total membership elected as prime minister.

On Tuesday AJK Assembly Speaker Anwarul Haq announced his decision convene session at 10:30 on Friday. However, the notice did not mention any reason as to why session was called.

Abdul Majid Khan, one of signatories of distrust move said Dawn what session Start on Speaker called Friday on requisition of 25 PTI legislators he says were represented under rule 17(1) of regulations of Procedure of Assembly shortly before the presentation of resolution of no confidence.

” house will meet on The Friday during which Rule 15(1) will be suspended for process. for elections of in new leader of in house in one day,” he said.

Rule 15(1) of regulations of The procedure lies down condition that the nomination documents of in prime ministerial candidate should submit two days before fixed for vote.

Some lawyers were of in view that in in event of in prime minister’s resignation, i.e. session must be summoned by the president within 14 days of resignation for election new prime minister as session already summoned by the speaker, could not proceed to the election new leader of in house.

However, Abdul Majid Khan argued that since the assembly was considered in session at that time of resignation of the prime minister, she was empowered to proceed with the immediate election new leader of in house.

He claimed that Ilyas would elected at least 32 deputies.

“All the PTI legislators have arrived in Muzaffarabad and will vote tomorrow for in the party nominee,” he said.

Ministers removed

Previously in day, Niazi removed four ministers and an adviser, accusing them in his resume for goal of “misdemeanors, offenses and malpractices”.

Those removed we minister for local government and rural development Khawaja Farooq Ahmed, minister for finance And Domestic Revenue Abdul Majid Khan, minister for Ali Shan Soni food and adviser for civil defense and disaster management Chaudhry Muhammad Akbar Ibrahim.

“Offer of no confidence against Abdul Qayyum Niazi was introduced under decision of party chairman and our leader Imran Khan. Alas, man who Imran Khan chose out of 32 [parliamentary party members] for This office publicly trying to sabotage him decision. But we support our chairman,” Ahmed wrote. in commemoration of reports that Niazi removed him and four others from the cabinet.

Niazi regrets allegations against his

Speech at a press conference in Islamabad Kashmir House, Niyazi deplores ‘baseless accusations’ made against his in resolution of no confidence.

“My sin is that I do not commit corrupt myself and I don’t allow anyone otherwise do it… i’m sorry for the hypocrisy of those who hit me in the back,” he said, waving a copy of resolution of no confidence.

Interestingly, not a single member of parliamentary party was in presence on his press.

Niazi said he exercised his democratic right by submitting his resignation.

“I first sent a letter of resignation to party to Chairman Imran Khan and then to the President after a break of one hour.”

He said he would continue work like a normal worker of PTI.

“But this should be clear that I can’t sit with thieves and robbers,” he said, without naming anyone.

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