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Sanjay Raut of Sina arrested after being questioned, raids in land fraud case

MP Shiv Sena Sanjay Raut has been arrested in Alleged fraud case on the ground

New Delhi:
MP Shiv Sena Sanjay Raut was arrested in the middle of the night afterwards over six hours of Questioning in Alleged fraud case on the ground. Raut, 60, claimed he was targeted by the center to weaken Thackeray’s team.

Here’s a 10-point cheat sheet for that big story:

  1. “Sanjay Raut has been arrested. The BJP is afraid of and arrest him. they didn’t give us any document (regarding arrest). It has been framed. will be produced in Court at 11.30 am “Member of Representatives Sina brother Sunil Raut said, news ANI reported.

  2. Enforcement Department officials searched Mr. Raut home for the biggest part of Sunday after he refused to attend for interrogation even though they were summoned twice.

  3. investigation agency team Arrived to home of 60-year- Old Sina MP at 7 am on Sunday. But Mr. Raut was transferred to the Enforcement Directorate office Just in Evening.

  4. the investigators want to interrogate Mr. Raut in Connection with there-development of Saul in Mumbai and related transactions involving his wife and those close to him.

  5. MP Rajya Sabha of sina group led former Chief Minister Udav Thackeray will appear in court in Mumbai later in the day, where the Enforcement Directorate will seek his detention, according to PTI.

  6. Before entering the implementation department office on Sunday, Mr. Raut told reporters the central anti-financial crime The agency’s work was aimed at trying to weaken Shiv Sena and that’falseThe case has been prepared against for him.

  7. BJP hit back In the leader of Sina for Skip the call. “Why is he afraid of Execution Directorate if he is innocent? He has all the time give Press conference but no time to visit the investigative agency office for Ram Kdam, BJP MLA said.

  8. In April, the attached Implementation Directorate assets worth over 11.15 crores of Mr. Raut’s wife Varsha Raut and two of his associates. Features include flat in Dadar was occupied by Varsha Raut and eight plots of land on Kihim Beach in Alibaug jointly contracted with Varsha Raut and wife of Swabna Patkar of Sujit Patkar, “Close Partner” of Sanjay Raut.

  9. The agency wants to question Mr. Root know around it”business and other links with His close associates Praveen Raut, Sujit Patkar and also about property deals for his wife.

  10. Praveen Raut has been arrested in Investigation related to an alleged Rs 1,034 crore land scam.development of Patra Saul in Georgian. he is currently in Judicial custody. Share Guru Ashish Construction Pvt Ltd in repeat-development of Al-Chol, in which 672 tenants lived in housing on The Implementation Directorate said the 47 acres belong to the Maharashtra Housing District Development Authority (MHADA).

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