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Sanibel Causeway will be need be reinstated, governor says

Hurricane Yan hit southwest Florida, leaving behind damaged power infrastructure in two counties, turning streets into rivers and damaging two bridges, including the Sanibel Causeway.

Governor Ron DeSantis granted update Thursday morning, talking electrical network for Lee and Charlotte counties most likely need recoverable, described the devastation caused by Hurricane Yang in in area “500-year flood event.”

He said the Sanibel Causeway and the Pine Island Bridge were impassable. They received structural damage and will need be rebuilt.

roadway leading before Sanibel Causeway damaged after Hurricane Jan.

Another angle showing road damage leading up on Sanibel road

Law enforcement reported that they had received numerous calls from people trapped in flooded homes. Desperate people posted on facebook and others social websites, complaints for save for yourself or loved ones. In some video, you can see how the water, covered with debris, splashes towards the homes curtains.

However, the exact number for injuries and deaths are not confirmed, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office said the number of deaths may be in hundreds.”

During a telephone interview with Good morning America, Sheriff Carmine Marceno said there were thousands. of people who Still need be saved. Lee County includes Fort Myers, Sanibel Island, and Captiva Island.

“I don’t have confirmed numbers, but I definitely know deaths in hundreds,” he said during an interview. — Thousands of people who are waiting to be saved.

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On Thursday, the Sanibel Lighthouse appears to be still standing.

Side by side side images showing photography of Lighthouse Sanibel since 2016 (left) and long shot of It’s the morning after Hurricane Jan made beach access (right)

It is located on east end of island. It was built in 1884 and transferred to the city. of Sanibel in 2004 for restoration goals.

Strong hurricane pushed wall of storm surge accumulated during its slow march over bay, flooding the roads of Fort Myers before landfall in Coya Costa.

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA – SEPTEMBER 29: Steady Scuderi looks over her apartment after flood water flooded it when Hurricane Yang passed through area on September 29, 2022 in Fort Myers, Florida. The hurricane brought strong winds, storm surge and rain.

In Naples first floor of a fire the station was flooded with about 3 feet of water, and firefighters worked to save gear from a stuck fire engine outside garage in even deeper water video posted The Naples Fire Department showed.

Naples in Collier County, where reported to the Sheriff’s Department. on Facebook that it receives a “significant amount of calls of people caught in the water in them homesand that it will give high priority to achieving people “reporting life-threatening emergencies in deep water.”

In Port Charlotte, on Florida’s Gulf Coast, a storm surge flooded a lower level emergency room. in hospital, even when fierce winds tore off part of roof from his intensive care unit, according to the doctor who works there.

Water gushed down to the intensive care unit, forcing staff to evacuate the hospital’s sickest patients – some of who were on fans to other floors,” said Dr. Birgit Bodin. of Fawcett Florida HCA Hospital. The staff used towels and plastic bins to mop up. up rotten mess.

“As long as our patients are doing well and no one up dying or presence bad the result is what matters,” Bodin said.

The boats swam into the flooded streets and were washed ashore.

A small hospital occupies four floors, but patients are herded into just two because of damage. Bodin planned spend the night is there in case people hit by a storm arrive needy help.

For WINK-TV wall of the storm surge that Yang brought entered the editorial set in Fort Myers. According to one of their meteorologists, Matt Devitt, they lost power and were unable to continue broadcasting. By 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, he said, the strongest surge was behind them, and the water level slowly decreased.

“It was, without a doubt, the strongest hurricane in Southwest Florida history,” He wrote on Facebook. “Hold on tight, we’re almost done. I think of all of you. We will rebuild back to community we know and love.”

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Brittany Hayler, journalist in Pittsburgh contacted rescuers about her mother in North Fort Myers, whose home was flooded 5 feet (1.5 meters) of water.

“We are not know when the water goes down. we are not know how They’re about to leave, their cars are wrecked,” Hayler said. way out is on boat.”

FORT MYERS FL – SEP 29: Brenda Brennan sits next to the boat that pushed against her apartment when Hurricane Yang passed through area on September 29, 2022 in Fort Myers, Florida. Mrs. Brennan said the boat went in around 19:00. hour

President Joe Biden has since approved the disaster declaration. for Sunshine State on Thursday morning after Jan’s trip around the state.

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