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Sand covering railway tracks.. Egyptian train captain avoids disaster!

A train captain in Egypt avoided a real disaster, after a person put sand on the tracks, in an unexpected act. The railway in the El Alamein Police Department, to reveal later the identity of the one who put it and the reasons. He crossed the railway line in the same area at a time contemporary to the incident.

In light of this testimony, the security services were able, according to what the Egyptian Ministry of Interior said yesterday evening, Sunday, to uncover the circumstances of the incident and identify the excavator’s leader, to turn out to be a driver. A resident of the Amreya Police Department in Alexandria.

The ministry also stated that after legalizing the procedures, he was arrested, and when confronted, he confessed to committing the incident, justifying the reason for removing the illegal crossing at the site as a result of the renewal of the railway line. He said that he had placed a quantity of sand on the railway track to establish another illegal crossing in the same area, so that he could cross with the excavator and drive it to avoid walking a long distance.

Another incident weeks ago

It is reported that a few weeks ago, a strange and surprising incident occurred, where a train captain stopped his journey to save a donkey that was surprised to be tied in its tracks during its journey from Aswan to Cairo. He stops his train, and sends his assistant to rescue a donkey tied to the tracks in the Al-Radisiya area in Aswan Governorate, and then continues his journey to Cairo.

A similar incident

Also, a similar incident occurred months ago, as the pioneers of communication platforms circulated last April (2021) a video showing the driver of the 751 “Cairo-Aswan” train releasing a donkey tied to the railway track, between Luxor and Aswan. The driver got off on his feet and freed the donkey to avoid collision.

The driver and his colleague also filmed the incident to illustrate the behaviors practiced by some.

A few weeks later, a train conductor was able to prevent a disaster As he slowed his speed on the railway tracks in Qalyubia Governorate to avoid hitting a cart that was traveling in front of him in the area of ​​the oil depot in the Yellow Mountain in Qalyubia, in the north of the country.

It is noteworthy that Egypt witnessed several tragic train accidents recently, which resulted in the death of dozens and the injury of hundreds of citizens. Measures to develop the railway system, prevent recurring accidents, remove encroachments on the railway authority’s property of lands and facilities, and remove random markets on campus and next to railways.

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