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Sajid Javid supported Liz Truss for Tory leader with attack on Sunak | News

Sajid Javid thrown his support behind Liz Truss will become next conservative leader, warning that the economic plans would lead Great Britain “in a dream entered a country with high taxes and low taxes”.growth” economy.

AT attack on his friend Javid suggested that Sunak’s failure to cut taxes could lead to Britain becoming a middle-income country. economy” with loss of global influence and power.

In the article for Time he emphatically added that Trass was “ready challenge status quo” warning what was not “no risk-free options in government”.

Truss and Sunak on she was postponed policy

Javid’s support of Trass be hitting Sunak who saw him as a mentor in his early political career and succeeded him as Chancellor in 2020.

Two men relations were strained when Javid was brought

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