Sadiq Khan is not follow ‘due to process’ in dismissal of Cressida Dick as Met Commissioner, report says


Adik Khan acted beyond of law, effectively dismissing Dame Cressida Dick as commissioner of the Met earlier in the year official report former concluded the police watchdog.

Sir Thomas Winsor stated that the mayor did not follow “due process”. in removing it support from Lady Cressida in commemoration of a series of scandals and did not act “in conformity with legislative scheme, still less its spirit.

Sir Thomas added what about mr khan also ”failed respect the dignity of Commissioner as an individual and as holder of high public office” in dam assessment of mayor’s behavior in the exile of Lady Cressida.

She retired in February after Mr Khan who defiantly defended his actions, went on in media announce that she only has a few days to draw up an action plan showing how she intended to restore public confidence in her force.

But Dame Cressida resigned soon after the mayor made clear that he was not satisfied with she had a plan drawn up.

Her deputy Sir Stephen House accused the mayor of of acted illegally and complained to Home Secretary Priti Patel, who ordered the publication of Sir Thomas’ report on Friday.

In it, he condemns the actions of the mayor, stating that “the mayor did not follow due process”. of London and City Hall for Police and crime in their taking of actions that led to Dame Cressida Dick resigning as Commissioner. She was in effect constructively rejected by him.”

Sir Thomas who was Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Police, fire and rescue services until this year continued: “Those who act on on behalf of of The Mayor told the Commissioner that the Mayor intended to publicly announce his loss. of trust and confidence in her, and that he intended to initiate the statutory removal process, on noon of February 10, 2022

“The commissioner was given a very short term in what to consider her position after that news. She was left in position in which she felt, even if others might feel otherwise, that she did not have option but to announce that she step to the side, in part to protect the Metropolitan Police itself.

Mayor’s actions failed respect the dignity of Commissioner as an individual and as holder of high public office.

“He didn’t act. in specific on February 10, 2022 in conformity with legislative scheme, still less its spirit.

Sir Thomas was also asked to consider whether changes necessary either for role of meth, which includes leading national anti-terrorism police or dual responsibilities of Minister of the Interior and Mayor for in force.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said she welcomed the report.

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However, he came to the conclusion that this should remain as they are, although he makes a number of recommendations in relation to removal of commissioner, stating that it would “improve the system of checks and balances of in system …and make the mayor think twice before doing in inappropriate behaviour.”

In response, Mr Khan said: “Londoners will see that this review clearly biased and ignorant of the facts.

“On the former Commissioner’s watch, trust in the police fell on record moo after litany of terrible scandals. It just happened – I lost confidence in in former Commissioner ability do changes necessary, and then she preferred to stand aside.

“Londoners elected me to call the Metropolitan Commissioner to account, and that’s exactly what I did. I have absolutely no apologies for demanding better for London and for put interests of in city I love first. i will keep working with in new commissioner reduce crime and to rebuild trust and confidence in police.”

Dame Cressida said she regretted the report was “necessary” but hoped it would be “necessary”.help create an echo sounder foundation for my successors.”

“Sir Tom wrote very detailed and of the circumstances of my departure,” she said.

I hope this report will give you the opportunity for others to reflect on how The mayor’s office functions and is responsible

former commissioner added: “He found the mayor is not follow due process of law and times his behavior was repressive, unreasonable, totally unacceptable and unfair.

“Generally times I have striven to obey the law and act ethically and with friendliness, professionalism, openness and trust. i totally respect need for democratic oversight of police officer. this is also it is important that politicians follow due process of law and do not violate rules.

“I hope that this report will provide an opportunity for others to reflect on how The mayor’s office functions and is responsible. The Underground is a fantastic police service that is admired all over the world. world.

“It performs many important functions. for London and country. Its officers and staff face a lot of challenges.

“They can only succeed on bedrock of independence and impartiality.”

Home Secretary Priti Patel said she welcomed the report and added: “I hope that now those responsible for police delivery in London, as well as those responsible for hold the Met accountable – focus their efforts on making the streets safer for capital and restoration of integrity in police officer.

“Public confidence in The subway was dented series of terrible incidents and it is very important that the shortcomings are corrected and professional standards restored to the level Londoners deserve.

“Police need to ensure that they correctly understand the basics that should enable relentless focus on cutting area crime and severe violence that has affected too many communities.”

Loss of the mayor of confidence in Lady Cressida, who he previously supported reappointment for two year start of contract extension in April, followed by a series of scandals including kidnapping, rape and murder of Sarah Everard by then-Officer Wayne Cousens and racist and misogynistic behavior of several officers at Charing Cross Police Station.

new commissioner, former head of counterterrorism Sir Mark Rowley, dachshund up his new work later in September.


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