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Sachin Pilot is a “wall,” Congressional leadership can’t make it CM: Ashok Jilot

Send a clear signal to me party Senior Command, Central demand by his rival camp for a decision on leadership issue Before Bharat Gudo Yatra enters Rajasthan next Month, Chief Minister Ashok Jilot fired a sharp weapon offensive on Thursday, Sachin Pilot called”traitor (fate)” who colluded with Bharatiya Janata Party. Saying that the pilot does not have the extension support of Even 10 MLAs, Gehlot said, can’t be made CM.

Jahlot is not prohibited attack came on day when pilot joined Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Bharat Gudo Yatra in Madhya Pradesh.

In an interview with NDTV news channel while answering a question on The party High command that would like to make the pilot CM And point to this party Observers said, Jahlut:Nahin, nahin, nahin, osko nahin panna saket. Woh koi na koi communication gap hua hai. Unko kaisey bana sakte hain? Jo adami ki bas dos toh vidhayak nahin hin…jaesen revolt kya ho, jesko gadhari nam dia jaya hai, gadhari ki party ke saath mein… jo party ke saath gaddari kiye hue aadmi hai, usko kaisey sweekar kar sakte hain koi log? Simple but hi. “

(No, it can’t be made [the CM]. That must be a gap in communication. How to be made [the CM]. person who He doesn’t even have 10 MLAs… who He revolted and was branded a traitor and betrayer party… person who khan party how Can someone accept it, it’s simple). “

Gehlot said he had not received any “signal” from party Senior leadership about a possible they change in the state.

In response to Jahlut’s remarks, Pilot told ANI: “If A senior An experienced person makes such comments, as they are inappropriate and unsuitable for him. I don’t think it’s right for us to make allegations and counter-allegations at each other. It’s a challenging time for The party to stay together. And so are we work united how We will come back power in Rajasthan. “

pointed out out whom he called Gilot.”Nikama (worthless) “Also earlier,” he said, “there is no need to settle this false The allegations are unfounded.” “No one should Be very insecure, because that’s the order of Life, there are ups and downs in politics. everybody of us should Collective strengthening of the hands of “Khariji, Rahulji and Priyankaji,” said the pilot, adding that under his leadership the Congress formed government in 2018, while losing twice under the leadership of Gilot.

Meanwhile, Congress reacted cautiously to Gilot’s speech attack on pilot. Ashok Jilot is senior And an experienced political leader. Whatever differences he expressed with Junior teammate Sachin Pilot will be disbanded in In a way that strengthens Congress partyAICC general secretary in Cost of said communicator Jairam Ramesh in a permit.

In his interview, Gilot defended MLAs who Hold a parallel meeting of the Congressional Legislative Party (CLP) in Jaipur on September 25, saying they are not “rebels” was a mutiny against pilot. said the show of The challenge was not at his command. “The question does not arise. If the MLA is one says So, I’ll leave party,” He said.

about 90 party MLAs have skipped the CLP meet, where they were expected to pass a one-Decision of the line that authorizes the extension party supreme command l pick The next CMGehlot was also promoted to compete for The post of President of Congress.

“They (MLAs) were upset because the news got out that the pilot would be like that made The CM. People thought it would become CM. pilot also acted wayphoned several MLAs timesand asked them to leave decision To the higher echelon… MLAs may have felt that even if A.J one-line resolution passed, there may be a section-in The next Today,” he said.

In response to a question about what MLAs had against Pilot Jahlut said: “Because of Him, we had to remain in hotel for 34 days (in 2020). He was trying to overthrow governmentAmit Shah and Dharmendra Pradhan in that. They were all meeting in Delhi some of MLAs who Gone…some of they met they. People stayed in resort in Manesar for 34 days, so they got angry.”

We can’t imagine a party president joining hands with opposition to overthrow him party’s government. You can’t find anything like this anywhere in Gilot said.

The pilot was the deputy of Rajasthan Chief Minister And the president of Congress when he rebelled against Gilot in 2020. He was removed from both positions at the time.

Gilot said the pilot could not deny his complicity with Bharatiya Janata Party. “It has been game. 10 crore distributed. I have proof, and I don’t have proof know who I got how A lot… 5 crores or 10 crores. But a lot people collected the money From the Bharatiya Janata Party office in Delhi. some of They told me this personally.

Jahlout Al-Tayyar said should have apologized to party supreme command, people of state and MLAs. He hasn’t apologized yet. If he had apologized, I wouldn’t have had to apologize. If he had apologized won over MLAs again…maybe it’s the mood changed… This situation would not have happened … I would not have had to apologize to Sonia Gandhi,” he said.

Jahlot MLAs said who I stayed away from the CLP meeting.”highest respect” for Sonya. It was a revolution for the 90 MLAs against pilot. some of Our ministers later said… We will not accept a traitor. When asked if he also felt the pilot was a traitor, Jahlot replied: of The view There is none problem in Making someone one of 102 MLAs who stayed with The party The CM. “

Loyal to the high command, Gilot said, “He is for supreme command to take decision in interest of The partyHe said he was transferred to then party President Sonya W party Leader Ajay McCain in August that he was ready for this step down If the high command wanted to set a new CM Before of State elections next year.

Presents Gehlot’s aggressive stance first big challenge for new party Chief Mallikarjun is out. So far, the party The high command indicated that it would take a file call on Rajasthan after the assembly elections in Gujarat and Karnataka.

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