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Rwanda plan disputed over supposed failure identify risks for LGBTQ+ refugees | Immigration and asylum

Priti Patel’s plan to send refugees on a one-way ticket Rwanda is being challenged in Courts over in governmentproposed failure identify risks facing vulnerable groups such as LGBTQ+ people.

Preliminary letter sent to the Ministry of the Interior on on behalf of of pressure group Questions about freedom from torture government claims that the East African state is “generally a safe country” for refugees.

Equality Impact Assessment of the Department for in policy said there were concerns over treatment of some LGBTQ+ people in Rwanda, and that investigations pointed to “ill-treatment” of This group Existence “more how one-off”.

Despite this, the government’s estimate of Human rights in Rwanda record claims that “there were no substantial grounds” for believe LGBTQ+ people will be in risk of treatment contrary to article 3 (freedom from torture and inhuman or degrading treatment) of European convention of human rights.

Sonya Skates, Executive Director of freedom from torture, said the government wayward blindness to risks facing people deportees under this scheme are frankly horrified, including attempts to minimize the threat to LGBTQI people in Rwanda.”

latest numbers show increase in number of people crossing the English Channel since the Rwanda plan was first confirmed by Boris Johnson in April. Ministers hoped to see early evidence that the proposal of shipping to Rwanda would violate business model of people- human traffickers operating in channel.

Over 4300 people reached the UK in small boats from the time prime minister disclosed plans fly illegal arrivals 4500 miles to apply for refuge in Rwanda. I.e more than two and half times number that crossed in same period last year and supports the same pace of increase seen from the start of in year. Over 9,000 people have arrived in the UK so far. start of in yearin comparison with 3500 at the same time in 2021.

At least 50 migrants were given “notifications”. of intention”, stating that they were determined to be eligible for transfer to Rwanda, where they would have to apply for asylum.

Preliminary letter from Lee Day’s lawyers on on behalf of of Freedom from torture says: “Our client has serious concerns about the vulnerability assessment process. in terms of suitability for transfer to Rwanda and, if transfer is considered appropriate, individual needs in Rwanda.”

Letter challenges legitimacy of in policy on grounds that:

  • government’s claim that Rwanda is “generally” a “safe third country” is irrational.

  • It relies on apparent predestination or bias.

  • home secretary broke it duty not lead to violations of European convention on human rights by its agents.

  • The expulsion of asylum seekers to Rwanda is outside Patel’s legal authority as it is contrary to the refugee convention.

As of government claims that expulsion to Rwanda could begin already on June 6, the letter requires a response as part of the preliminary action protocol within seven days and reserves the right issue litigation without further reference to government.

Other organizations also forward letter sent against Rwanda plan. As part of a joint action, PCS, Care4Calais and Detention Action received a response from the Ministry of the Interior to their second a preliminary letter also challenged Patel’s plan to send people seeks asylum in Rwanda. Their interests are represented by the lawyers of Duncan Lewis.

Travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Rwanda states: “People can experience discrimination and abuse, including by local authorities. There are no specific anti-discrimination laws protecting LGBT people.”

home secretary still refuses to publish eligibility criteria that determine who has the right to for moving to Rwanda.

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