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Russia's delegate to the International Agency: The nuclear deal has entered an important turning point

Russia’s permanent representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency revealed, on Wednesday, that the nuclear agreement with Iran has entered an important turning point.

Mikhail Ulyanov told Al-Arabiya that reaching a sustainable agreement requires some Time, “indicating that there are many difficulties and a gradual approach is the best option.

He also added, “The Vienna negotiations are taking concrete steps in the right path.”

And he continued, “Sanctions will not be lifted overnight, and Iran’s violations will not be removed with a stroke of a pen,” explaining that the attempt to link the nuclear agreement and the Iranian ballistic missile program Unrealistic.

Performing the technical role

For its part, the International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed, on Wednesday, to continue performing its technical role that It is indispensable in the Iranian nuclear agreement.

The spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Behrouz Kamalundi, revealed that the pace of Iranian production is increasing by “up to 40%” from that.

The official also added to Iranian TV that in less than 4 months, his country produced 55 kilograms of uranium, with a degree of 20% enrichment, pointing out that within approximately 8 months Tehran cannot reach 120 kilograms.

The Vienna consultations

While this announcement came hours after the end of the first round of negotiations. On the revival of the nuclear agreement that ended yesterday evening in a hotel in Vienna between Western countries (Germany, France and Britain, in addition to China and Russia) and Iran, and concluded the necessity of completing the consultations between two groups of experts.

Two groups were also assigned One of the experts with the task of pairing and concurrently between the list of sanctions that the United States must lift on Iran, and the list of obligations that Tehran must return to work on according to the agreement that the two groups will submit a report on this next Friday, which is the date of the joint committee meeting.

Shuttle tours

British, French and German officials are scheduled to shuttle between the American and Iranian delegations staying in two separate hotels in Vienna.

It is worth noting that the Iranian parliament passed a law last year obliging the government to tighten its stance on the nuclear issue, and the law obliges Iran to start enriching uranium at 20%, as stipulated It is necessary to enrich at least 120 kilograms of uranium at this level every year, i.e. an average of 10 kilograms per month.

Uranium is considered highly enriched, starting from 20%, and reaching this percentage represents a major step towards enrichment with degree Suitable for making a nuclear weapon.

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