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Russia ‘using land mines that cripple children who mistake them for toys

USecretary General N António Guterres called on Monday for international inspectors should be provided access at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant after Ukraine and Russia exchanged accusations over shelling of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant at the weekend.

“Any attack going to a nuclear power plant is suicide,” Guterres said. in Japan, where he attended the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony to commemorate the 77th anniversary. of in the world first atomic bombing.

Ukraine announced the resumption of Russian shelling on On Saturday, three radiation sensors were damaged and a worker was wounded on Zaporizhzhya power factory, second hit in consecutive days on website.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky blamed Russia of conducting “nuclear terror”, which guaranteed more international sanctions, this time on Nuclear sector of Moscow.

“There is no such nation in in world that one can feel safe when a terrorist state fires on a nuclear plant,” Zelensky said. on Sunday.

Russian troops seized the plant in southeast of Ukraine in beginning of March, but still run Ukrainian technicians.

Russian-established authority of in area Ukrainian forces said hit website with multiple launch rocket system that damaged administrative buildings and area near the warehouse. The Russian Embassy in Washington also issued a statement stating the damage caused.

“Ukrainian nationalists launched an artillery strike on territory of specified object on 5th of August. Two high voltage power lines and plumbing were damaged as a result of result of shelling. Only through effective and timely action of Russian military in covering nuclear power object, it critical infrastructure was not affected,” the embassy said.

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