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Russia says she wants to end Ukraine’s “unacceptable regime”

Kyiv, Ukraine (AP) — A senior Russian diplomat said Moscow goal in Ukraine must liberate its people from his “unacceptable regime” expressing the military goals of the Kremlin in a little of the dumbest terms while his forces are hitting the country with artillery shelling and airstrikes.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s remark came amid Ukraine’s efforts to restart grain exports from its Black Sea ports – something that help simplicity global food shortages under new deal verified by Russian strike on Odessa over weekends.

“We are determined help in people of east of Ukraine to get rid of the burden of this absolutely unacceptable regime,” Lavrov said at the Arab League summit. in Cairo late Sunday evening, referring to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky government.

Obviously, this suggests that Moscow’s military goals go beyond the Ukrainian industrial Donbass. region in East Lavrov said: “We will definitely help Ukrainian people get rid of of mode, which is absolutely anti-people and ahistorical.

Lavrov’s comments followed his warning last week that Russia plans keep control over wider areas outside eastern Ukraine, including Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions in south, and will more wins elsewhere.

His remarks contrasted with Kremlin line early in war, when it was repeatedly emphasized that Russia did not seek to overthrow the power of Zelensky. government even when Moscow’s troops shut down in on Kyiv. Later, Russia retreated from the capital and focused on the capture of Donbass. War now in his sixth month.

Last week, Russia and Ukraine signed agreements aimed at clearing way for in shipment of millions of tons of in dire need of Ukrainian grain, as well as export of Russian grain and fertilizers.

parliamentary infrastructure of Ukraine minister- said Yuri Vaskov. first shipment of grain planned for This week.

Bye Russia faced allegations that the weekend attack on port of Odessa refused on deal, Moscow insisted that the strike would not affect grain supplies.

During a visit to the Republic of Congo on On Monday, Lavrov echoed Russia’s claim that attack struck a Ukrainian warship and warehouse containing Western anti-ship missiles. He said that grain agreements do not prevent Russia from attacking military goals.

In other developments:

Russian gas giant Gazprom said what’s next reduce flow of natural gas through the main gas pipeline to Europe up to 20% of capacity referring equipment repair. move growing fears that Russia is trying to exert pressure and divide Europe over this is support for Ukraine at the time countries trying build up their supplies of gas for winter.

– President of Ukraine office said at least two civilians had been killed and 10 wounded on Monday. in Russian shelling over previous 24 hours. In Kharkiv regionworkers searched for people considered stuck under rubble after 12 missiles hit city of In Chuguev, a house of culture, a school and other infrastructure facilities were damaged before dawn, the authorities said.

Kharkiv Governor Oleg Sinegubov said: “It looks like like a deadly lottery when not one knows where next there will be a strike.”

— Ukraine filed charges against two former cabinet with treason over them role in Moscow lease extension on naval base in Crimea in 2010. The prosecutor’s office announced a conspiracy between Alexander Lavrinovich and Konstantin Grishchenko with then President Viktor Yanukovych to hurry up with the treaty parliament granting Moscow 25-year expansion, leaving Crimea vulnerable to Russian aggression.

— Russia said it prevented an attempt by Ukrainian intelligence to bribe the Russians. military pilots turn their planes over to Ukraine. In a video posted by Russian main security services, a man posing as a Ukrainian intelligence officer offered the pilot $2 million to surrender his plane during mission over Ukraine. The Russian claims cannot be independently verified.

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