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Russia is investigating the claims of “sabotage” of the British SAS in Ukraine

According to media reports, about 20 members of SAS were operating in Lviv (Photo: Rex)

Russia says he will consider reports that British SAS have been deployed in western Ukraine. again ratchet up tension with West.

If Vladimir Putin’s forces discover that the Special Aviation Service operating in a country that can sharply escalate the war because the UK is a member of NATO.

Russian RIA Novosti news the agency quoted this weekend a source in the Russian security service who reported 20 members of an elite combat unit was sent to Lvov. region.

Independent observers have long come to view Russian statements about the war with serious skepticism, but Britain did not deny the existence of its forces.

Instead, the representative for British ministry of The defense stated: “We are not comment on Special Forces.’

UK sent military trainers to Ukraine earlier year instruct local forces in using anti-tank weapons.

But on 17 February, a week before invasionBritish government said he pulled out all troops, except those necessary to protect their ambassador.

LVIV, UKRAINE - APRIL 18: A worker goes through what remains of    the room in which he worked after it was hit Russian missile on April 18, 2022 in Lvov, Ukraine.  At least six people    were killed and eleven wounded in missile strikes in different areas of in city according to the mayor of Lvov.  (Photo by Joe Radle/Getty Images)

Scenes from last week in Lvov, Western Ukraine, where the SAS are said to be located. on “sabotage” operations (photo: Getty Images Europe)

Chief State Investigator of Russia body said on On Saturday he would look at Russian media a report claiming that SAS sabotage specialists were operating in war.

SAS – stealthy but elite military unit trained to special operations, surveillance and counter-terrorism – and used in previous wars.

This is stated in the message of the Investigative Committee. follow up a message that they have been sent in ‘to help the Ukrainian special Services in organization of sabotage on territory of Ukraine’.

Not clear which steps The Investigative Committee will take if it claims that found any SAS involvement in Ukraine.

But the investigation itself is significant, given that Russia is warning the West against in in way of This ‘special military operation in Ukraine.

Putin’s troops have also previously used ‘false mark operations as way of justifying new offensive.

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