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Russia blames the US of “shameless interference” in Pakistan affairs

press secretary for ministry of Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said on tuesday that political development in Pakistan “leaves no doubt” that the US intends to punish the “disobedient” Prime Minister Imran Khan.

This is stated in the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry. office sharply criticized the US for participation in alleged plot to overthrow the Prime Minister of Pakistan, claiming the opposition was colluding with Western superpower.

Press Secretary Maria Zakharova, in her statement, blamed the US of “shameless interference” in interior affairs of Pakistan for own “selfish purposes”, claiming that Prime Minister Imran’s visit to Moscow on February 23 was the harbinger of the movement of no-confidence brought to the table against to him in National Assembly.

The statement cited the ruling PTI’s assertion that the U.S. Deputy Secretary of State of State for South Asia Donald Lu visits the Ambassador of Pakistan in Washington and subsequently urged Ambassador Assad Majid to “condemn the measured reaction of Pakistani leadership in events in Ukraine” as proof of US involvement.

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Russia blamed the US and Western colleagues of exerting “brute pressure” on Prime Minister Imran and demands ultimatums.

“They are made This clear that partnerships with United States possible only if imran khan removed from power“, the statement said, adding that foreign funds were used to bribe dissidents. party members.

Russian foreign office claimed that the prime minister had “repeatedly stated that the conspiracy against he was inspired and funded from abroad”, adding that “we hope that the Pakistani voters will be informed of these circumstances when they come to the polls, which should held within 90 days of dissolution of National Assembly”.

A statement from the Russian Ministry has been received. in light of in dismissal of motion of no-confidence against Prime Minister Imran to be voted for on April 3rd.

On account of The party’s ruling asserting that the proposal was a foreign-funded conspiracy, Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri rejected the Article 5 proposal, and the NA was dissolved President Dr. Arif Alvi on advice of Prime Minister.

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Former foreign minister Shah Mahmoud Qureshi today declared what is the main cause of anxiety in Pakistani society emerged due to external interference in domestic affairs, adding that the National Security Committee (KNB) reported foreign interference and found it inappropriate.

“On the direction of NSS, we have summoned a diplomat to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue demarche,” Qureshi said, confirming that government recorded a protest through the ambassador in Washington.

On the March 27prime minister in his speech on public the rally claimed that a “foreign-funded conspiracy” was being prepared. against his government. He showed the letter as proof of Existence of conspiracy to overthrow him government. However, he did not disclose the contents of the letter.


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