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Running ex-soldier coaching The academy incited Secunderabad protests: the police

The man chose Avula Sopa Rao up by the police on shipment of incitement Young attack railway stations in Hyderabadhe is director of Sai educational institutions and the ASR Defense Academy, which give coaching for military aspirants.

Greetings from Narasarapeta in Balnado area of Andhra Pradesh, Rao started his academy in his country native placeand later set up nine branches for academy in other parts of State and Telangana. highly respected for design his academy coaching The unit that along with Difficult fitness Led Training former defense personnelis attributed with Get hundreds of Young people in the armed forces.

many of Young who turned up In the Secunderabad Railway Station on Friday and indulge in Violence and arson They are from his academy.

Rao, who He holds B Sc and B Ed degrees, and has served in Army for 18 years before the start of the educational institutions and defense academy of the ASR in 2010. In addition to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana students, students from Odisha, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka also Study in his academy. At least 500-1000 students from the academy join Army, Navy, Air Force, CRPF, CISF, ITBP, and BSF.

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additional director-general of Police (Railways, Telangana) Sandeep Chandeli said Rao was inciting his students to protest. “He was the one who Instruct the young men to take petrol, railroads, and sticks to the railway station. young crowd of various Places in Telangana to go to Secunderabad and participate in Shendilia said.

Railway Police participated information with Andhra State Police on Friday night, Rao was chosen up from hotel in in early time hours of Saturday and taken to the second city police station for Questioning. The police arrested him mobile The phone is suspected to have been used to create WhatsApp groups from which calls are made for It was alleged that the Secunderabad protest made.

Shendilia said that one of WhatsApp groups have been named “Hakimpet”. “Army Recruitment drive held last Parade in Hakimpet on outskirts of the city of Hyderabad, where at least 3,000 young people have completed physical and medical exams and have been waiting for written writings test. majority of These aspirants were from the branches of the Sai Academy in Adilabad and Karimnagar. We have seen many WhatsApp groups in He is the youth of this academy and a few other academies in Karimnagar . has been filled for Friday attack Shendilia said.

Police officials learned that Rao has arrived in Hyderabad from Guntur on Thursday evening. Railway police have also I selected five guys who He brought gasoline he used set railway buses on fire. Based on on CCTV footage taken from the railway station, at least 34 other protesters have been identified.

Police officers said that on center today announced Agnipath recruitment program, Rao released a video on social media noting that government may be drop regularlong-term Conscription in the army and that it is written test as it was good It has also been cancelled. aspiring to his academies, who Pay exorbitant fees for Training has started out incendiary messages on WhatsApp groups are allegedly created by Rao and a few others, out of fear that Agnier would steal them of their chances of join Army.

Looking at the scale of Inquiry, Secunderabad Railway Station attack The case will be transferred to Hyderabad city Shendilia said.


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