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Rumor: Xbox Series S revision just got a little more powerful

Rumor: Xbox Series S revision just got a little more powerful
According to hardware journalist Moore’s Law is Dead, Xbox is working on so-called “refreshes” for both the Series X and Series S consoles. A new variant of the Xbox Series S is said to be first planned for “late 2022”, presumably with an improved chipset.
Internal sources of Moore’s Law is Dead would speak of an entirely new kind of process from TSMC for the central chipset in the console. The updated apu is still built by AMD on the RDNA2 architecture, but uses a refined 7nm node from TSMC. TSMC’s so-called 6N process is said to provide more efficient chip yield , allowing AMD — and with it Xbox — to activate more compute units on the silicon. For the renewed Series S console, that would be 24 CUs, compared to the 20 of the original Series S. It is still unclear whether the new chipset also strengthens the central processor. AMD opted for its own Zen 2 architecture for this, while the chip maker has long since been in the third Zen generation is in place.

A target price would not have been hardened yet, but Xbox’s development team would aim for a price under $350 — fifty dollars more expensive than the original model. However, the ‘old’ Xbox Series S should receive a lower price point by then, probably somewhere between 189 and 249 dollars. At Xbox, the pressure for a Series S revision would mainly be driven to pre-empt the arrival of a ‘PlayStation 5 Slim’. According to Moore’s Law sources, Dead is Microsoft targeting “at least one” console overhaul before the end of 2022, with an Xbox Series X refresh in the offing for “2023 or later”.

Source: Moore’s Law is Dead


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