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Rumor: Tons of details on a future new Nintendo Switch model in 4K

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Rumor: Tons of details on a future new model of Nintendo Switch in 4K

Surely many of you will know NateDrake for being one of the leakers who has successfully leaked information from Nintendo in the past. He has recently spoken out about the future outlook of the company in a very, very extensive way.

In a recent NateTheHate podcast, he shared information about a new more powerful hardware from Nintendo that would arrive in 4K. The details are as follows:

About Zynga kits…

  • NateDrake believes that the words shared by Zynga about not having a 4K devkit from Nintendo does not mean that Zynga has not received a 4K devkit from one of the partner publishers, which could have received a 4K devkit from Nintendo.
    • Larger publishers often hire smaller companies as subsidiaries and send devkits to smaller companies to work on games for certain platforms . But there is a possibility that Zynga will deny possession of a Nintendo 4K devkit due to NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreement).
  • NateDrake believes that Nintendo is not technically lying to investors by saying that Nintendo does not provide tools to develop games for a Nintendo Switch model with 4K support, but he believes that it is not telling the whole truth either, especially since Nintendo will not only be a new model, but it would carry another name derived from Nintendo Switch (for example, Nintendo Switch 2, Nintendo Switch Pro, etc.).

  • NateDrake believes that Bloomberg was smart in obtaining permission from a source in Zygna to name Zygna as the company that will receive a 4K devkit, and mentions that Bloomberg contacted 10 other companies to develop external nosing machines since Nintendo couldn’t do it.
  • It would be similar to Game Boy Color and New Nintendo 3DS…

  • NateDrake believes that part of Nintendo’s denial comes down to the make of the model.
  • . Developer sources that the model is positioned as a revision, similar to Game Boy Color and New Nintendo 3DS.

  • NateDrake thinks The name Nintendo chooses for the model depends on whether Nintendo wants the model to be considered part of the Nintendo Switch family or as a separate platform when it comes to hardware sales.
  • NateDrake thinks Nintendo will likely pressure Zynga to do an internal investigation, just as Nintendo is already doing its own investigation on who is the Zynga source who provided information to Bloomberg, which could harm Nintendo’s relationship with Zynga.
  • Regarding 4K…

    • MVG agrees with SciresM that backward compatibility of Nintendo Switch games is not possible with the Nintendo Switch in 4K, assuming the Nintendo Switch in 4K uses a GPU that is not based on the Maxwell architecture, noting that every Nintendo Switch game contains custom versions GPU driver ace that Maxwell built with all the necessary shaders prebuilt in one package.
  • MVG also mentions that the developers they cannot take this pack on their own and compile it on a GPU that is not based on the Maxwell architecture. Instead, the developers would have to recompile all the games and provide a patch or not provide backward compatibility.
    • MVG believes that the first possible solution is to provide patches for all games.
    • MVG believes that the second possible solution is to open a specific tool for external developers that speeds up the update process by allowing developers to take the “game pack” and repackage it as a “native game pack” for the new SoC.
    • . to the motherboard, citing as examples the Wii, Nintendo 3DS, etc.

  • backward compatibility is not offered, where Nintendo would mark the Nintendo Switch in 4K as a next-gen console, and ask third-party developers to ship this model, although MVG thinks it sounds like a very rare thing coming from Nintendo.

    backward compatibility of Nintendo Switch games would cause Nintendo to lose a large number of consumers, as there is a limit to bad business practices that consumers can tolerate from Nintendo; and not offering backward compatibility of Nintendo Switch games would be considered the biggest move against the consumer.


    • NateDrake believes there is a possibility that the game cartridges for the Nintendo Switch 4K will be the same as the game cards for the current Nintendo Switch, with more remaining capacity at 32GB.
    • NateDrake also thinks that the Nintendo Switch 4K game cartridges might be a little different from the Nintendo Switch game cartridges, such as This was the case with the exclusive New Nintendo 3DS game cards, with the largest capacity possibly being 64GB.

    When would it be released …

      NateDrake believes that Nintendo will announce Nintendo Switch 4K 6 months before launch.

    • NateDrake also believes that Nintendo could announce Nintendo Switch 4K in July 2022 with an October 2022 release, as does the OLED model, at the risk of angering consumers who bought the OLED model, but NateDrake reminds Nintendo that it has done it before.
  • NateDrake has heard from developer sources that game development for the Nintendo Switch 4K is planned to be completed by the end of 2022.
  • MVG believes that Nintendo Switch 4K is more likely to realistically launch in early 2023.
  • Speaking of its development…

  • MVG believes that Nintendo is using DisplayPort 1.4 to HDMI 2.0b converter chip for OLED base model due to economy, such as Mobility DisplayPort 1.2a to HDMI 1.4a converter chip used in base Nintendo Switch, as well as HDMI 1.4 cables, which are increasingly difficult to obtain.
  • Provides the LAN port on the base of the OLED model. NateDrake will no longer refer to the model as Nintendo Switch Pro, but as Nintendo Switch 4K, already claiming that Nintendo is releasing new Nintendo Switch hardware, and it has 4K support, which will be achieved thanks to DLSS.

  • NateDrake doesn’t know if The Nintendo Switch 4K will be marketed as an update to this current generation or a successor. the nint launch window endo Switch 4K is scheduled for late 2022 through early 2023.
  • NateDrake heard from received devkits in late 2020, and from smaller third-party developers who received devkits in June 2021. . Developer sources that there are games that are exclusive to Nintendo Switch 4K and will not be released for Nintendo Switch (and Nintendo Switch Lite).

  • NateDrake has heard that developers are excited about the Nintendo Switch 4K.
  • NateDrake also heard that developers were confused when OLED model was released as Nintendo has not shipped any new kits for d Development for this OLED model.
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