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Ruling coalition Requests full bench in Punjab CM the election case


Decree coalition on Saturday ‘urged’ Chief Judge of Pakistan (CJP) Umar Ata Bandial will form full bench preside over petitions filed with against a controversial Punjab chief minister in an election in which Hamza Shehbaz retained office on technical basis.

Released shortly after the Supreme Court began considering Pervez Elahi’s petition. against The decision of Vice Speaker Dost Muhammad Mazari to be ignored votes casting PML-Q MPA – table turning in Favor PML-N – for Elahi.

“It will only be fair for all respected judges of the Supreme Court hear the bar of the Supreme Court (SCBA) review the request, this petition and other related statements together,” it says, noting that “these are very important national political and constitutional issues.”

Referring to the decision of the Supreme Court on Article 63A, coalition the parties stressed that cost of the resulting political instability fell on the country’s shoulders. economy rocking on edge of bankruptcy, and people in in shape of inflation, unemployment and poverty.

Criticizing the ousted PTI chief, they said, “Imran Khan repeatedly creating chaos in politics with aim of avoid accountability by hiding your corruption and getting power secretly”.

“The constitution has drawn a clear borderline between governments of legislative, judicial and executive power, the statement said, “which an arrogant, anti-constitutional fascist figure is trying to erase.”

The joint statement was on blame imran khan of to want “destroy Pakistan Constitution, peoples’ straight to rule and democracy just like in economy”.

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Reaffirming its commitment to the aforementioned three principles, the Decree coalition The parties stated that there would be no compromise on cause. In addition, the parties stated that they would act jointly. in joint efforts “fight darkness of fascism”.

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Rana Sanaulla said that his party “there was no hope of receiving just judgment” of the Supreme Court bench hearing of PML-Q petition challenging Punjab chapter minister elections.

“We have no hope of receiving just sentence from bench election hearing of Chief Minister Punjab, said Sanaulla. in tweet from him official handle late on Saturday.

minister added that they demanded education of a full court and written statement in this question will be presented on Monday.

Article 63A

majority of 3-2, the summit court held on May 17 article 63A of The constitution that deals with desertion, defends fundamental rights of parliamentary party not its members. Consequently, vote throw in spite of party line should ignored, the conclusion says.

According to the opinion, the dissident deputies were not allowed to vote against in party line in four occasions including elections of prime minister and chief minister; a vote of confidence or no-confidence; constitutional amendment bill; and money a bill set out in accordance with Article 63-A.

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Hamza Shehbaz was declared the winner last night after Deputy Speaker of the Punjab Assembly Dost Mohammad Mazari ruled that PML-Q members votes not taken into account in light of in party head letter.

According to Mazari, Hamza received 179 votes while Elahi got 176 votes but only after 10 votes of Elahi’s own party were not taken into account, which changed the situation in Favor of Hamza.

According with Decree of Supreme Court judgment on Article 63-A, regarding desertion, the vice speaker stated that he rejected votes of Legislators PML-Q.

Earlier, the SBU filed a petition. in supreme court for a review of judgment of May 17 on presidential address for interpretation of Article 63A, which deals with status of Deserters-legislators.


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