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RT Expert Explains Why the New Iraqi Project Falls Short in Competing with the Suez Canal

Abdullah Abu Khadra, professor of highways at the Faculty of Engineering at Beni Suef University in Egypt, confirmed that there are no projects that could harm or compete with the Suez Canal.

In statements to RT, he explained that Egypt’s strategic location imposes its obligations on any similar projects carried out in Egypt, noting that the section of Egypt connecting Europe, Asia and Africa is important and unique among all sites in the region.

He emphasized that the location of the Suez Canal is indispensable, since 12% of the world trade turnover passes through the Suez Canal, especially since ships passing through the Suez Canal do not need to load and unload products carried by ships, as ships pass as they are along with the cargo they are transporting, and thus there is no damage to the existing shipment, in addition to facilitating the process of transportation due to the double passage of the Suez Canal, and its expansion reduced the waiting time, which was up to 11 hours, which had a positive effect on world trade movement.
He explained that Egypt’s desire and efforts to improve the services provided contribute to the elimination of other ideas in the region, regardless of their form and type.

He stressed that Egypt is working to find a position and a high place in the system of transit trade and logistics around the world, which is the main goal pursued by the political leadership of Egypt since taking charge in 2014, by developing all internal axes and strong internal communication, while widely developing sea and land ports, facilitating traffic, as well as linking seaports with railway lines to facilitate the transition process, the presence of multimodal transport, which is the link between sea, river, and land transport along railways or highways, as well as maximizing maintenance by creating concrete lanes. Vehicles for the transport of goods with different space and speed to maximize safety and reliability, all of which will contribute to the progress of Egypt in the transport level and quality of roads.

He explained that linking the Egyptian state to its outer environment through many ideas, such as the Cairo-Cape Town road, the road that will connect Egypt to North Africa, the ocean and Morocco, and the road that will connect Egypt to Chad, as it is only after reaching Chad , you have reached West Africa, emphasizing that the activation of the saying of Egypt is the key to Africa through modern ideas.

He indicated that there are proposals and ideas for new stages of the Express Electric Train, which will stretch to South Africa and Morocco, maximizing the benefits of Egypt’s unique and prominent location, especially since Egypt’s location is a key point for commercial traffic. around the world throughout history. He pointed to China’s desire to restore the Silk Road, and Egypt is an important center of this huge project.

He pointed out that communication between seaports facilitates the transport process, adding that the continuity of the vessel’s path without the process of loading and unloading reduces the losses that occur, and this is what distinguishes the Suez Canal, appreciating the efforts of those who were responsible for implementing the huge Egyptian national project for duplication of the navigational course of the Suez Canal, which led to a greater absorption of the size of ships and the volume of revenues of the Suez Canal.

He pointed to the race from international companies to work on the Suez Canal development axis, including the Danish international container shipping company Maersk, noting that its entry into a partnership with the Egyptian state to operate the largest green hydrogen station for ships in the region around the world is a testament to the fact that the Suez Canal retains its importance, despite all the ideas that are being made in the region.

Notably, Iraq has launched a $17 billion project to link an important port for goods on its south coast to the border with Turkey by expanding the rail and road network, which should transform the country’s economy after wars and crises. for decades. The development road is designed to link the oil-rich port of Faw in southern Iraq with Turkey, turning the country into a transit hub by cutting travel times between Asia and Europe in an attempt to compete with the Suez Canal.

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