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Ron Johnson and Mandela Barnes in dense Senate race in Wisconsin – CBS News Battleground Tracker Poll

Seems like Elections in Wisconsin are always very close these days, and here are two more following this trend. Senate race incumbent Republican Senator Ron Johnson is running just one point forward of Democrat Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes in a toss-up competition and governor race is currently even between incumbent Democratic governor Tony Evers and Republican Tim Michels.

Johnson enthusiastically support from the base of the Republican Party and supported by the fears of Wisconsin voters about crime and economic issues, although his views on in elections 2020 may repel some independents.

Meanwhile, Barnes has solidified the Democratic base and is getting stronger. support from those who place great importance on in issue of abortionthe main factor is his voters give for supporting him. As a result, voters also like Barnes personally more than Johnson.


The Republicans seem to have a turnout advantage. there are four points more more likely than the Democrats to say they’re definitely voting for this year’s ten Johnson supporters points more more likely than Barnes supporters to say they are more enthusiastic about voting.

In a sense, these midterm elections are a referendum. on President Joe Biden. On this note, more select their Senate votes resist him than support him, and Johnson easily beats those voters in Wisconsin.

power of position may also help Johnson. Most of his supporters call his senate record main factor in their vote plus Republicans like him personally. This is different from dynamic in other battlefield states where the Republicans are not incumbents. AT Pennsylvania, Georgiaas well as ArizonaRepublicans vote more out of opposition to Democrats than sympathy for their own candidate.

But as much as the Republican base likes Johnson, he faces the same measure. of dislike for another side. Most of those who support Barnes say that main reason is to stand up to Johnson, not because they like Barnes. This is especially true for independent currently support Barnes.



Influence of Johnson struts

which role do the looks of ron johnson on 2020 play? Republicans don’t care one. But they may alienate some independents.

Republicans overwhelmingly support Johnson, do they think he accepted or wanted cancel the 2020 election results – and a lot of people say it’s not. sure What was it. However, there are few more crossover with Barnes in third of Republicans who believe Johnson wanted elections were cancelled.


But Johnson’s views on 2020 might hurt him with voters outside his own party.

Among independent who say he wanted elections cancelled, eight in ten support Barnes. Other independents – who Johnson is said to have taken results or not sure of his position is in the vast majority of cases back Johnson.

It is important to note that there may be a limit to power of this is because many voters do not know what was Johnson’s position way. Those who pay less attention to intermediate results are less likely to know. And this, in in turn, this may be due to the fact that voters assess the 2020 elections relatively low. in importance over problems like in economy or an abortion.

And Johnson gets nine in ten votes from voters who COVID Policy in Wisconsin were too strict. it true whether or not they think that Johnson made mostly critical vaccine claims.


What do Ron Johnson supporters think? like about him?

Johnson may have scored a lot of Attention for he has comments made about the 2020 elections, coronavirus and vaccines, but these are not the main reasons, of his constituents give for supports him and not him support for Donald Trump. These factors matter, but they go far behind weight of his supporters place on Johnson’s economic policy and his Senate record.


Who supports Barnes?

Barnes has an eye for attraction over Johnson among the wider electorate. But this is a smaller gap than that of the Democratic candidates. enjoy in another Senate battlegrounds. In Arizona for for example, Democrat Mark Kelly has a 20-point lead over Republican Blake Masters on in way they manage on their own and Kelly leads it race on three points.

personal pen-senate.png

Barnes voters cite his stance on abortion as a major factor for supporting he is far ahead of any other issue checked. He leads the vote who say that abortion is very important to them vote. It tracks with democratic support in another important Senate battlegrounds.


Abortion issue helps to keep race close, but Johnson is boosted wide lead with voters who prioritize the economy, inflation and crime, that is, all the issues that voters evaluate higher in meaning than abortion. Of all the issues measured, Johnson’s biggest margin comes from voters. who say immigration and crime very important even more than those who prioritize economic issues.



Half of Wisconsin voters believe Barnes supports defunding the police, few want elected officials support less funding for police. These voters are especially inclined to say that Barnes support a policy that would make them less protected from crime by four to one, they prefer Johnson to Barnes.

When asked directly which candidate will back policies that would keep them and them family safe from crime, more voters elect Johnson, not Barnes.



Barnes leads Johnson with women and younger voters. He is slightly behind among white voters, getting a similar result. share of the ones Biden got in 2020. Johnson leads with men and older voters. More older voters are citing crime as a very important issue and most believe Johnson’s policy will keep them safe.

Wisconsin voters see different groups benefiting based on on who wins this Senate race. If Barnes is elected, the majority thinks that he support policies that would help Black people – the only one group he gets the majority for – as well as more voters think women help more than hurt If Johnson wins, most think the rich, men, white people, and also people of faith will help.

None of the candidates is considered by the majority supporting policies that would help middle class but more so to speak of Barnes policy than Johnson.

middle class politics.png

race for governor

governor race divided between Democrat Evers and Republican Michels.


Democratic Gov. Tony Evers received mixed and highly partisan ratings for his position as governor. Most voters generally approve of his appeal of coronavirus, but just one in five voters consider it very important issue in their average time vote.


Instead of this economy and inflation exceed the list followed by crime and here we are again see Republican nominee leading among voters who say that these issues are very important to them vote. As a result, voters more would probably say that Evers would make them less secure, not more safe from crime; they say otherwise of Republican challenger Michels.


Of all four candidates running for throughout the state office what is verified by the poll, Evers likes the most – the only one for who is the majority of voters say they like how he takes care of himself personally. He has a 10 point lead. over Michels on this measure, but it is not translate a lot of Advantage in in race. He even runs with barnes, who has a smaller advantage in attractiveness against Johnson.


Majority of voters want abortion should be legal in Wisconsin, and Evers is viewed by the majority as a candidate who will defend abortion access. But for now it’s top issue both Democrats and Evers supporters, just half of voters generally say it’s very important in their vote and less than a third of Michels supporters do (and most of they are not want to be legal).

intermediate questions.png

Michigan: Whitmer leads Dixon for governor

Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is ahead of Republican challenger Tudor Dixon. six points in her proposal for re-election. Majority of voters view incumbent governor as competent and primary, while less half see her opponent what way. Unlike Whitmer, most voters see Dixon as an extreme person, a label that hurts her. with those outside her own party. Majority of voters who view her as extreme people support Whitmer.

But voters’ concerns about economy and a pessimistic economic outlook could open for Dixon.



Whitmer has a positive job approval rating, and one it’s significant higher than Biden in state. For Whitmer supporters, Biden appears to have little to do with her standing: Nearly two-thirds say Biden support for Whitmer makes them gone more or less likely vote for her.

Moreover, approximately quarter of voters who disapprove of Biden’s work continues to support Whitmer. A lot of of these voters are independent who approve of the job that Whitmer does as governor.


Whitmer also gets positive ratings in general on her fight against the coronavirus outbreak. But those who feel the politics put in place in Michigan was too strict – mostly Republicans. group – strongly disapprove of her appeal of coronavirus and most of them don’t vote for her.


But this economy this is more on minds of of Michigan voters than the coronavirus, and the majority of them rate States economy negative (although better than the nation). Half of voters expect the US in recession next yearmaybe leaving space for Dixon to gain a foothold. As in Wisconsin voters who place a lot of of importance on in economy and inflation mostly vote Republican, especially who expect a recession.

economic perspective.png


And to two one, more voters believe Biden’s policies hurt, not helped, Michigan. economy. This suggests that further nationalization of it’s a race and make it a referendum on Democrats at the national level could help Dixon.


Abortion was central issue in Whitmer campaignand that gives her momentum. She leads big among those who say it’s very important in them vote. abortion is top issue for women under 45 years old in state. (Per women in general it takes only behind in economy.)

Women support Whitmer over Dixon by 19 points, and women who refer to abortion as a very important issue prefer Whitmer by an even larger margin of 37 points.



issue of abortion will directly on vote here. Majority of Michigan Voters Talk About Abortion should be legal in all or most cases in state and most vote “Yes” on Proposition 3, which would amend the state constitution and establish the right to abortion. This includes more how quarter of Republicans – These Republicans are widely in favor of legalizing abortion. in all or most cases in state.


These CBS News/YouGov polls were conducted October 3-7, 2022. They are based on on representative samples throughout the state of 1285 registered voters in Wisconsin and 1138 in Michigan. Samples were weighted by sex, age, race education, and geographic area. region based on on Current U.S. Census Population Survey, as well as Presidential vote. fields of error are ±3.7 points in Wisconsin and ±3.6 points in Michigan.


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