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Role of Deputies, representatives of LG key to achieve lofty goals: Marrium

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Information and broadcasting, Marriyum Aurangzeb said on Thursday that if only parliamentarians and representatives of local governments were involved, no development goal can be achieved.

Appeal to close session of two day seminar on stable development goals here she said “For achievement of stable development goals (SDGs) we must pass legislation, we can create an enabling environment through legislation to eliminate the difficulties.”

minister said that under the guidance of Ayaz Sadiq, Pakistani Parliament first Legislature in in world who institutionalized sustainable development goals.

She said the provinces have representation today in SDGs framework that was in line with in real spirit of this initiative.

She said that in 2016, SDGs office was established within the framework of parliament mobilization was carried out at the provincial level through the creation of its branches in PIPS premises.

Appreciating the effort made by the then speaker Ayaz Sadiq for implementation of SDG, she said that he mentored and supervised the SDG, and today his results were in front of each.

She said that world was moving beyond the Sustainable Development Goals as from 2022 to 2030 the SDGs will be tracked and measured to see how goals were met.

minister said that due to climate change the country currently suffering from severe flooding, Balochistan has been severely affected by the recent monsoon rains.

She said Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, who is chairing today’s disaster management meeting, stressed need to work on disaster risk control.

Development countries invest more in response to natural disasters, but budget for disaster risk management was poor, she observed.

She said the number of women in SDGs increased for who chairs the parliamentary task force on SDG Romina Khurshid Alam deserves congratulations.

minister said about 65% of Pakistan population was of youth and their participation in SDGs also growth was observed.

minister expressed the opinion that even in the district and union council level, there was need attract youth in policy manufacturing for stable development goals.

She said that in 2016 budget was singled out for SDGs for in first time, budget the line was given to the SDGs for government level.

Marrium said if not enough budget as well as financial resources, development goals could not be achieved.

minister said that those countries reached their development goal in to which the SDG agenda was presented at the local level.

Likewise, she said that the developing countries in which the government institutions,

representatives, members of national and provincial assemblies joined in policy manufacturing, also sustainable development goals and millennium development goals.

Marriyum Aurangzeb said that when the SDG secretariat was set up in 2016, there was no political overtones in it, now all the provincial governments represented it event what was the greeting development.

She said there were problems of management within developing countries related to the SDGs, along with with distribution of funds received from international partners and multinational donor agencies.

She said that there is a system of checks and balances at the provincial level. on in use of this is money and was need check management questions on national level.

She offered everything possible support to the SDG secretariat in achieving your goals.

She said that parliamentarians, local government representatives and civil society had to consider what legislation could improve the SDGs.

appreciating role of media regarding implementation of SDG, she said that the Association of Parliamentary Reporters also made separately of SDGs team.

minister said it’s a responsibility of everything for work for in improvement of education, medical facilities, environmentdevelopmentenergy and economy since it was national agenda, all should work together to achieve goals.

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