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road rage drivers’ six-miles side-on-side the dispute only ended when they crashed into the cyclist and killed him

Robinson immediately told witnesses who stopped to help Mr Pattison, this is black Audi swerved left to her, forcing her to withdraw into avoid a crash. She said she didn’t see Mr. Pattison riding a bike next to edge of road.

Ferry, a former army officer, told police that he did not see a cyclist or crash and he just “wanted get home”.

However, the court learned that Ferry and Robinson had six-miles stretch of A689 leading up to crash argue with together.

Ferry and Robinson blamed each other

Ferry announces Robinson cuts in front of his twice while Robinson said Ferry began gesturing and cursing before pointing at her to pull over.

The two blamed each other for causing fatal Road crash throughout the entire trial.

Ferry said Robinson “aggressively harassed” him during an argument that allegedly started after she cut him. up twice.

However, Robinson claimed that Ferry was one who was angry and he repeatedly clapped on slowed down and sped away.

She told the jury that she had taken the slow lane to get away from him, but then he started drive side-by-side before turning to her.

Witnesses told the court that they saw Robinson’s white Ford Fiesta “sway” before hitting Mr. Pattison.

Truck driver who traveled in opposite direction said he heard a loud bang and “saw a cyclist riding down air”.

Robinson sobbed and Ferry didn’t react as Judge Jonathan Carroll warned, “A custodial sentence is imminent.

“The only question how it will be long. Under no circumstances should you have any illusions, take the necessary measures before June 1st before you go to prison”.


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