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RMT boss Mick Lynch threatens ‘coordinated action’ in every city in the UK

OOn a typical day, about four trains stop at Surbiton station every minute, but not today. Patrick Sawyer.

Thanks to Joanna and hundreds of her fellow RMTs across the country at this station, one of busiest commuter stops in London and the South East had a view of lazy bank holiday Monday.

40-yearwas an old railroad worker one of line of three pickets outside famous art deco station on Tuesday determined to demonstrate support for leader decision to call biggest railroad strike in 30 years.

And for now, at least, her spirits were upbeat.

“We had buses that honked in support as well as people passing by who used to get trains expressing their sympathy for us” she told The Telegraph. on condition of anonymity.

“Obviously we want keep traveling public on board so nice when people do show them support”.

mood among those who usually rely on trains could best can be described as resigned. There was little anger at the strikers, and some disappointed travelers expressed sympathy. with their goals.

“They are need in money. All we do. They are need to feed my children,” said Emm Karskaddien, software development worker in city. “We all struggling and salary is not kept up with inflation, so I absolutely understand why they do it.”

Not that the strike didn’t bother her. By no means.

“I had to drive 40 minutes from Leatherhead, which is only seven miles away because it is the only nearby station to get to Waterloo. So yes, it’s frustrating. The whole situation is complicated for everyone,” said Miss Karskaddien.


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