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Riyadh Season.. 4 Saudi women on the WWE wrestling ring What's the story

In conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and as the WWE World Professional Wrestling event was launched within the activities of the Riyadh Season 2021, the Saudi General Entertainment Authority was keen to celebrate 4 Saudi women who defeated cancer.

A popular video that documented the moments of the rise of the four women On the wrestling circuit, they clasped the WWE belt amidst a storm of applause from the huge fans who were keen to keep up with this global event.

Pink October

It is noteworthy that the month of October is considered the month of breast cancer awareness, and it is called “Pink October”, as breast cancer in Saudi Arabia is more common among women aged 40 years and over, and more than 50% of cases of breast cancer Breasts in Saudi Arabia are detected in advanced stages, compared to 20% in developed countries; This increases the mortality rate and reduces the chances of recovery, as well as the high cost of treatment.

Also, the early detection of breast cancer by mammography, significantly increases the rate of cure and survival, and increases of treatment options and efficacy.


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