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Risk-free move to remove House speaker after Bihar Assembly session timing

Nitish Kumar yesterday took new section Chief Minister yesterday, with Tchachoy Yadav as deputy.


The first Bihar Association session After Nitish Kumar took New department as president minister he is set To be from August 24 – and another dexterous timing move. that it in this is session That JDU-RJD + government It must be prove Its majority, but the Speaker of the House is still from the BJP, Nitish Kumar former partner. The Alliance wants to change that firstunwilling to risk Anything though it looks comfortable on paper.

Technically, the ruler calls a name sessionbut behaves according to the government’s recommendation.

Fifty-five legislators from new ‘Mahagathbandhan’ (Grand Alliance) moved no-confidence a movement against Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha. The rules say it can be taken up in home only after two weeks of surrender. August 24 means that rule won’t be problem.

Grand Alliance has been renewed support of 164 MLAs, several more Of the 122 required in the home of 243.

But don’t risk the plan is straightforward: before Nitish Kumar faces confidence vote on August 25, be Mr. Sinha removed in The no-confidence voteand new be an elected speaker on The first day of The session.

Mr. Sinha may resign sooner. Sources said he will act on BJP leadership. this means just election for post.

a new The speaker must be from RJD as per “chacha-bhatija” charter terms and conditions.

Nitish Kumar and House Speaker Sinha did not have best relationship even earlier. In June, JDU skipped a file session in which his then BJP ally sought to discuss who It was “best legislator”.

RJD and Congress also He boycotted the proceedings after House Speaker Sinha did not allow a debate to take place on Agnipath Defense Recruitment Scheme. JDU’s opposition to this scheme was one of many disagreements with Bharatiya Janata Party. Discussion speaker said on This wasn’t true like issue It was not subject to the state.

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