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Rishi Sunak is accused of ‘screeching reversal’ on tax cuts

On Tuesday, former the chancellor said he would try to bring down spending by expanding the labor force force and reduce the amount of people on Benefits.

He said he would double number of hours somebody on welfare must work a week in order avoid must watch for a full opening hours from 9 to 18 and explore other arrangements to get people off well-being and work.

But on Tuesday evening, Teresa Coffey, Minister for Work and Pensions and supporter of Ms Truss, accused Mr Sunak of another spread saying he blocked her plans to help people on perks to get a better job by increasing the number of hours they must work.

“Help people progress in work getting a better job and more hours this is key role of job centers,” she said. “Department of Work and pensions will change soon rules to ensure people keep looking for additional work until there are at least 12 hours a week with desire to increase it in in future.

“DWP was hoping to get it under way before this year but unfortunately was blocked former chancellor.”

Mr Sunak said that work with UK’s largest importers build up trade with Dutch and Danish ports, putting an end to disruptions causing shortages that lead to price increases.

During a debate Tuesday night, Ms Truss said it was “morally wrong”to raise taxes during cost of living crisis in en attack Mr. Sunak’s policies, but former chancellor hit back saying it was “morally wrong” more debt on future generations.

one member of Ms Truss’s inner circle said that “as expected” second head-to-head took more in a moderate tone, adding that there were attempts to take the sting out of in campaign.

“There are fundamental differences between them. over tax, but in general on same page on everything else, they said. of two candidates for leadership.

insider in Mr. Sunak’s camp said that this time he was more was calm about letting the Foreign Minister “talk at length” about her plans for the tax cut he says are not funded.

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