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Rihanna challenges fan’s refusal to vote

Rihanna took among her Instagram followers to job over their refusal to vote in elections.

In among her 2 posts on Instagram throughout Blackout Tuesday, throughout which social media users stopped publishing marketing or individual material and shared a black square or details on the Black Lives Matter motion, the star advised fans to vote in states holding main elections.

“VOTE,” she composed next to a list of the 9 U.S. states holding elections on Tuesday. “Ya ain’t got s**t else to do man! Get yo a*s off the couch and go vote!!! I don’t wanna hear another excuse!! Stop believing that your vote and voice don’t matter! This the illest way to protest…vote for the change you want (sic)!!!”

Nevertheless, one fan disagreed with the Diamonds hitmaker, responding: “Voting ain’t gon (sic) change s**t.”

The vocalist and style magnate reacted: “Sick of hearing this! Ya know what ain’t gon change s**t? Not doing s**t!!!!”

Rihanna’s other followers backed her position on the value of ballot – with one eloquently attempting to encourage the disillusioned individual to vote in addition to signing up with the demonstrations that have actually swept the U.S. after the death of George Floyd, an unarmed African-American guy, at the hands of cops in Minneapolis, Minnesota recently.

“To that one soul reading this, I know you’re tired. You’re fed up,” they reasoned. “You’re so close to breaking, but there’s strength within you, even when you feel weak. Keep fighting. But first… VOTE. Your votes are needed today. Let’s remain diligent and aware. Make your voices heard in the streets. Make your voices heard with your vote too.”
The 2020 U.S. governmental election is set to occur on 3 November.

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