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Richard Neal responds to criticism over use of ‘planter’ term as Arlene Foster highlights Previous U.S. Congressman’s Tribute to IRA Members

US Congressman Richard Neal defended use of in term “planter” after the negative reaction of trade union leaders.

n Neil spoke during a visit to Londonderry on Wednesday, together with US delegation of eight.

He named problems with in protocol “grossly disproportionate” to those experienced during the Troubles and urged the UK and the EU to find way forward.

“People are here took up lot more serious challenges … This issue for European Union and for United Kingdom government sift and sort,” he said.

“I think we want Be careful of in fact what’s the difference of the opinion that existed in Brussels and London was significant, and the commission in European Union, they proposed these problems were inevitably solvable, and I think on the basis of on our conversations of good belief that this is so.

Despite criticism from trade union leaders in recent days, but Mr. Neal said he was looking for forward to a meeting with DUP leader Sir Geoffrey Donaldson.

“I knew him for a long period of time, I don’t want intrude. I have had good attitude with his over years,” he said.

Mr Neil was also asked about the backlash use of in term “planter” when it comes to trade union heritage and origins.

He claimed that he was using historical reference to the plantation in the 17th century.
“That was the moment when I made,” he said.

“I also referred to historical term of gael, gael, and planter, because those are perfectly accurate historical references.”

Ulster Unionist leader Doug Beatty called Mr Neal’s comments “ill-considered”.

“He got it completely wrong and instead of charging around like bull in porcelain shop, he needs to stop, pause, listen and think,” he said.

“Questions around the Protocol in No way made, indeed they have been known and discussed at all levels since we raised them in October 2019.

“The fact that Richard Neal suggested that they are, demonstrates a lack of of understanding of the damage caused by the Protocol and that it is somewhat removed from reality of situation.

“His comments, which refer to people because the “planters” humiliate many members of the unions. His thinking and terminology of time past. We have friends in United States that we need study with more and Congressman Neal’s bias view of in past and present, not representative of American diplomacy. It’s time for those with influence in The United States, the Irish government and the EU called for on soften his ill-considered and useless comments.”

Mr. Beatty is to meet with Mr. Neil and his delegation. on Thursday, and said he hoped they would be “open to listen and reflect.”

Previously former DUP leader Arlene Foster said that Neil was “a longtime supporter of Sinn Féin”. who would say “Armageddon” occur if protocol was changed.

Letter in Express, Mrs Foster said Mr Neal used to plant trees in memory of IRA hunger strikers.

She is added what did he have also supported the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, who “disparaged” church leaders by refusing to attend church services in Arma turns 100 years old of Northern Ireland.

“It’s hardly surprising when you know that Neil declared that Northern Ireland was not reality but was the border set up on military force,” she said.

“In his one of his latest proposals, Neil boasted of changing demographics in Northern Ireland, in What will happen soon, in terms of religious denominations, be more Roman Catholics than announced the church going Protestants.

“According to Neal’s thought, this means that a United Ireland is inevitable, because more Catholics mean more people who want abolish Northern Ireland.

Mrs. Foster called it “base sectarianism,” which was factually incorrect.

Mrs. Foster said she visited many events in In Washington the trade unionists had to endure the “British”. out slogans on black- Nobody’s dinners.

She is added: “And let’s be honest, for too long uk embassy in Washington allowed this correspondence of what’s happened in part of UK, without challenge and it is so shameful and very harmful.

“Well, this is a man who is an leading through party delegation to tell the British what to do.”

Since 2019 Richie Neil also was powerful Chairman of Ways and Means Committee in congress, second only to Speaker Pelosi in seniority, but this does not prevent him from showing his predilection.

The delegation, headed by Richie Neal, traveled to Europe simply to strengthen the EU. resolve against UK proposals (as if it were necessary).”

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