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Revoke the bond or wonr join dutyKashmiri Pandits warned: The Tribune India

Simon Latif

Srinagar, 4th June

day after hundreds of Kashmir Pandit families left transit camps in valley after flood of Targeted killings, said today’s migrant employees won’t join they duty Even J&K management canceled the bond, making its offering in Valley is mandatory.

New immigration put management in A narrow point where you are faced with the daunting task of transporting staff to Jammu region.

Main provisions

  • Bond makes it mandatory for KPs for service in Kashmir
  • If they request a transfer, their services will be terminated
  • Moreover, they will not have any claim against Which post
  • 4,500 KPs ​​have been set under the Prime Minister’s Relief Scheme since 2010
  • The majority of of Pandit staff left valley amid flood of New targeted killings

Speaking to The Tribune, Vikas Hanglow, an immigrant employee said: “Until management moves on us outside Valley and cancels the unconstitutional bond, we won join Our duties. We are being exploited. Our lives are at stake.”

Within the rehabilitation package for the Prime Minister for Kashmiri immigrant Pandits, employees must sign A bond under which their service will be terminated if they seek transfer from the Valley for Which reason At any stage. The Chosen One agrees in If he emigrated from Kashmir for Which reasonit will be automatic The service has been terminated and will have no claim against Which post’, reads the bond, copy of that with Tribune.

Since 2010, over 4,500 employees were hired under the Prime Minister’s scheme. majority of Pandit employees have left The valley in the midst of a flood of New targeted killings. “The situation is much worse than the turmoil of the summer of 2010 or 2016 when Burhan Wani was killed. We used to feel safe until recently, but now an atmosphere prevails. of He said the last Ashwani Sadu employee who left Kashmir two days ago. Meanwhile, the BJP took Strong objection to the release of The list of Kashmiri Pandit staff who They were moved and demanded action against Officials responsible for The leak describing it as a breach of Safety.

according to list177 Pandit teachers working under the Prime Minister’s relief package They were transferred. The list is being circulated on WhatsApp and others social media platforms.

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