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[Review] DARQ Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch

DARQ Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch

As of July 2019 , in a reply to a fan via Steam, Unfold Games , the developer of DARQ , stated that the title would possibly come to Nintendo Switch after its release on PC (where it was launched on August 15, 2019), since it is the console that had the most requests from those who follow the game with interest.

However, they shared that development would take some time as they would like to port well. The developer once again shared her interest in launching it on Switch in October 2019 and in August of last year it was announced that this title would arrive under the name of DARQ Complete Edition to Switch (also PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, and PC – Steam, GOG). It was initially shared that s would launch digitally in December 2020 and physically in early 2021.

But the game was unfortunately delayed and it was not until last March that its specific launch date for the hybrid console was announced, where it will be distributed by Feardemic . This is the version that I will analyze today.

Are you ready to face this terrifying puzzle adventure?


In DARQ we will delve into the dreams of Lloyd , which will quickly turn into a loop of endless nightmares . This boy’s main goal is to wake up , but unfortunately with each attempt he slips further into an unconscious state of sleep lucid. Lloyd will have to adapt to the new world, adjust to gravity, sharpen his senses to solve puzzles and hide from the creatures that plague DARQ.

Will you reveal the true meaning of Lloyd’s dreams?

Contents of DARQ: Complete Edition

The Switch version is tagged Complete Edition and includes the following:

  • DARQ – Original game.
  • DLC The Tower: Lloyd wakes up again in his dreams, only to discover that he is locked in a tower filled with new mysteries, puzzles and creepy creatures.
  • DLC The Crypt: Another Nightmare Loop endless game that introduces new mechanics and puzzles in a crypt full of dark surprises.


DARQ Complete Edition is a title that combines action, exploration and puzzles starring Lloyd , a boy who realizes that he is dreaming. The dream soon turns into a nightmare and all his attempts to wake up fail.

We do not know the reason that originated this fact, which leaves It is clear from the first moment of the adventure that we are facing a title where the narrative is almost non-existent (there are no texts beyond when we pick up an object), leaving it to the player himself to tie the dots and create his own interpretation of what what happen. Lloyd can perform various actions: run, interact with objects (a hand symbol appears), walk the wall, access your inventory and sneak around .

Title It is divided into several chapters and they all begin when our protagonist lies down on his bed. Every time we complete one, the next one will run wild and the game will be saved. In all of them our objective will be to escape from those terrifying nightmares and wake up. Something that a priori may sound simple, but at the moment of truth it is not so much.

For this we must solve a series of puzzles , quite varied and elaborate, that will require us to defy the laws of physics (walk on walls and ceilings), manipulate the dream world (move things and rotate rooms) and collect and use objects. Therefore manipulating gravity, rotating the camera, changing the perspective and alternating between various planes of displacement will be the order of the day. In general, the puzzles are not too difficult, but some may give us a headache. Of which there is no doubt is that it is always very satisfactory when we find the solution.

Another important aspect to highlight is the exploration , since in order to advance we must find out where to continue, at the same time that we are finding and collecting a series of objects of the scenarios. On some occasions we will have several of them (which will be stored in our inventory) and it will not always be clear where we should use them, so there will be no choice but to explore every corner and try until we find the key, so that trial and error will be our best ally. In addition, there are also some collectibles very well hidden.

But not everything will be solving puzzles, since enemies will also appear in some moments. Lloyd will have to be stealth around them and try to avoid them, as he cannot defend himself in any way and has no chance at all. win in a confrontation because the creatures he will meet are much stronger and faster than him. The truth is that the appearance of enemies is rather anecdotal , since they appear on rare occasions, but when they do, the game manages to effectively convey a sense of tension that runs through the screen. In most cases we will have a place to hide while they pass by, so they will not represent any problem. Of course, as they detect us and reach us, we will die. However, you do not have to worry since the game will leave us right at the same point, so we will resume the game immediately.

Finally, it should be noted that this title, like most Switch games, can be played in laptop mode, desktop mode and TV mode . Also is compatible with the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, and the cloud data saving service .

Graphics and sound

As its name suggests, DARQ stands out for having a dark setting that will undoubtedly recall the works of the great Tim Burton. The game uses a color palette with dark, white and gray tones that will accompany us throughout our journey, which together with the intelligent use of lighting helps to create the most grotesque as well as terrifying scenarios, being undoubtedly one of the aspects that most attract the attention of this title. In this sense, it is reminiscent of other titles such as Little Nightmares. In the most negative part we find some somewhat robotic animations which makes the character not very expressive.

On the other hand On a sound level, it stands out for focusing more on the environmental section than for presenting melodies. In this section you can see the hand of the veteran Bjørn Jacobsen , known for his work in such outstanding games as Cyberpunk 2077 and Hitman. The sound effects are also at a high level and help create that terrifying atmosphere. Finally, it should be noted that the game has several languages, including Spanish .


DARQ Complete Edition It is a title made up of seven main chapters and two additional chapters that we can complete in approximately 3-4 hours . As you know, talking about duration in a title is always something very relative, and in this case it can last a little longer if we get stuck at some level. If we know what we have to do, they can be completed in just 10-15 minutes, but in our first game we usually take longer, because many times we may not know where to continue or where to use an object to continue going forward.

Therefore, despite including two downloadable content, the title errs on being quite short . However, it can take a little longer if we try to get all their collectibles (some are really difficult to find). Therefore, each player should be the one to assess whether it seems an interesting proposal in this sense.


DARQ Complete Edition is a title that stands out for its magnificent and dark setting and original gameplay mechanics. time to solve puzzles. If you are lovers of puzzle games and their short duration does not put you back, it is undoubtedly a proposal that is worth giving a try.

DARQ Complete Edition is available in digital format, at through the Switch eShop, from March 18 at a price of € 19.99 . You must have a free space on your console or 5.1 GB microSD card to be able to download it .

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