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[Review] Aqua Kitty UDX for Nintendo Switch

Aqua Kitty UDX for Nintendo Switch

When the world is runs out of milk …

… and this one is full of thirsty kittens, the only option is to drain the earth’s crust, which, like all You know well, it is an inexhaustible source of milk according to the adventure of Tikipod. Our mission as a cat member will be to protect the miners of the ocean floor who are in charge of extracting the precious white nectar, how? On the feet of a glorious submarine. Necessary thing given the amount of dangers that flood the seabed, robots with high tolerance to water apparently. With a nostalgic slap in the face, the title kicks off with a splash screen featuring the exact typography, artwork, and saturation the game calls for. Time to destroy a couple robots.

In the variety is the taste

Although the original version of the title was not as full as now, the UDX version that It comes to Switch has up to four game modes each more interesting. The bases are more or less the same for all of them, an area of ​​water where we can go out on one side to appear on the other (hello grandson of Williams’s “Defender”) and some operators to save from the jellyfish tentacles. A simple shot and a more powerful one that will spend an energy bar without forgetting a couple of power-ups that will temporarily improve / modify our weapons.

But going back to the modes, the first would be the “ Classic “, it is the most Similar to the starting game back in 2016, in this one, we will have to overcome maps and their waves until we reach a zone boss. Once we overcome it, since it is not usually much of a challenge, we advance to the next area and so on until the end. The challenge lies more in the score than in the goal itself, in fact, it urges you to try to beat the world rankings.

The mode « Arcade» is based on as the name suggests, see how far we go without being destroyed. Although the maps and objectives are the same as in the “classic”, the difficulty is locked and the way we improve the ship is different. Once you explode, which you will, your score will be added and you will want to play again to try to get a couple more points.

“Ininite Espresso” is a pure survival mode and continue where everything ends when you reach zero lives. Here the screen is really full of enemies, luckily, you should not worry about your fellow cats because you should not protect anyone but yourself.

The last in the list and the last to be deployed to the cartridge is called “Dreadnought” , in my opinion, one of the most interesting (especially after passing the previous modes). In this, we face up to 13 large enemy ships, each of them with a different structure which must be destroyed before they expose the core which will burst with shots.

And now with more kittens!

It is time to separate the joy-con and have to go to the Switch menu to change the orientation of the controls. Colorful straps and we are ready to play. With all the modes available, we start with the “classic” and in this we discover how comfortable it is to play with someone. Despite not expanding the camera, no player can “drag” the other thing to be thankful for. Power-ups are not shared as usual, but death is. If one of the players loses all of their hearts, they both explode. Something a bit frustrating for those who were alive, so it would have been great a way to be resurrected.

My conclusions

The good: An artistic direction is very successful and successful, a section that also affects music, which performs in an excellent way. The funny phrases of the script. It is worth it for the scarce € 8 it costs (it has been € 3.5 on sale).

The ugly: About art decisions there is nothing written, but surely you are not the only one who frowned slightly when the first time you play a power-up it takes away a precious heart. If you don’t want me to take it from you, you just have to shoot it first. It shouldn’t be more of a problem if I’ve ever lost my last life to something that’s supposed to be there to help.

The weird thing: It may be entirely my thing (hence this is called “my conclusions” ), but the system of improvements in Arcade mode is either not quite optimal, or I have not managed to get it right. Each time you pick up a gem, you have the option of using it on the first upgrade, or waiting, picking up another, and allowing you to upgrade the next one, but not the previous one. A kind of “roulette” in which you have to invest the limited gems to improve what you want. Maybe it’s because 3-way shooting is very juicy, so I understand you need to save more, but the main problem is that improvements are reduced over time. So, as it does not pay for me to save up to the latest improvements due to DPS.

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