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Republicans delay bill to help veterans exposed to toxic burns


Senate Republicans on Wednesday blocked the account for help veterans exposed to toxic burn pits weeks after measure originally passed Senate with 84 votes, pissing off Democrats, veterans groups and comedian Jon Stewart. leading supporter of aid community.

Senator John Tester (Mt.), Chairman of The Senate Veterans Affairs Committee was particularly outraged by the turn of events. Tester, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (R-CA), other lawmakers, and Stewart on Thursday morning joined veterans outside Capitol – who originally came to Washington to see the bill pass – Attack the Republican Party.

“It just makes the gut hit that more devastating,” Stewart said, given the number of veterans who came to Washington in the hope that the bill pass. “Their constituents dying”.

“It’s a shame,” he said. added.

John Stewart joined Democratic legislators in area on July 28 after Republicans in the Senate blocked new to plan help millions of veterans. (Video: Washington Post)

The bill will change significantly how department of caring for veterans for veterans who been exposed to toxic substances, leading the VA to assume that certain diseases are related to exposure to hazardous waste incineration, mostly targeted on in issue of burn pits from recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It would take the burden of evidence from wounded veterans.

Democrats blame Republicans of vote against check in retribution for deal announced formerly by Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (DN.Y.) and Senator Joe Manchin III (DW.Va.), who allow democrats move forthcoming on economy, health and climate package no republican votes.

Republicans say it’s not true. They indicate instead to budgetary policy dispute between two parties.

The tester shared his frustration and confusion with Republican legislators who supported the bill a few weeks ago, but changed their position and voted against moving forward Wednesday.

“I was in this is business for 25 years in the state legislature is here, and I’ve never seen anything happen. like what happened yesterday,” he said. “And that it aggravates and makes it so more we are difficult in Essence, yesterday took benefits from people who suffered from the war that we set off.

“And we turn away and say, ‘No, we’ll find an excuse to vote against our veterans” as we wave the flag, speaking of how great our fight men as well as women yes, tester added.

Biden calls for legislation help sick veterans who served near campfires

Pelosi said the Republicans’ moves are particularly unusual, given veterans’ aid typically attracts powerful members of both parties. support.

“I am very sad that 80 percent of Republicans in Yesterday, the United States Senate said no to veterans,” she said on Thursday. “Eighty percent. Forty votes no.”

“Veterans have waited too long, long overdue,” Pelosi said. added. “Three and half millions of veterans will benefit, have the opportunity of benefit from this legislation. Why subject them to this?”

Veterans – some in shirts embellished with american flag and others wearing masks – hold on up signs. One of them read: “Sick and dying veterans need health care”, while another held the GOP responsible with the words “Blood of Veterans on Republican hands.

BUT version of the law was approved by the Senate vote of 84-14 in June. It was back in Senate on Wednesday because Dom made modest changes before the bill on 342-88 vote about two weeks ago.

Tester left on Twitter after vote to voice his disgust with Exodus.

“In the act of the eleventh hour of cowardice, Republicans decided to rob today generations of poisoned veterans across the country of medical care and benefits they earned and so desperate need”, he tweeted. “Don’t do mistake – American people sick and tired of these games”.

On Wednesday, the revised measure attracted 55 votes in Senate – abbreviated of 60 required to overcome the filibuster. twenty-five republicans who previously supported versions of bill voted against procedural vote.

Jeremy Butler, Executive Director of Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan of America is called out Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) for transition to nothing vote Wednesday.

“After voting for support #PACTAct and her fellow veterans Senator Joni Ernst turned her into back on them yesterday and voted NO,” he tweeted. “What’s wrong, senator? Iowa vets are still sick and dying from toxic effects.

Manchin says he ‘never quit’ as Democrats push for spending deal

Republicans have rejected the notion that the Democratic reconciliation deal was reason for their change.

Wednesdays failed vote was rooted in budgetary policy dispute that was first raised last Month of Senator Patrick J. Toomey (R-Pennsylvania) who objected to way bill will change accounting of about 400 billion dollars in pre-existing veterans expenses.

These previously authorized expenditures were determined to be discretionary, that is, subject to annual Congressional appropriations. But the bill, known as the PACT Act, authorizes $280 billion. of new obligatory expenses, i.e. not subject to annual appropriations, and also converts the previous $400 billion in permissions ranging from discretionary to mandatory.

This is Toumi. first argued last month is budget “trick” that can facilitate huge sums of new assigned costs: “Why would they do anything like What did he say in June 24 floor speech. ” reason it’s because way you create big gaping hole in discretionary spending category that can be filled with another $400 billion of completely unrelated expenses who knows on what kind.”

In the following weeks, Toomey worked behind scenes to make him a republican colleagues aware of in issue and insisted on carrying forward previous expenses back to the discretionary category. But Democrats didn’t agree to the amendment, so Republicans voted en masse. against promoting the bill on Wednesday force in issue.

” senior Senator for Pennsylvania has an amendment that ensure we are not just apply financial plaster for problem but really fix basic accounting issueSenate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) said Thursday. in speech on Senate floor.

Sen. John Thune (RS.D.), GOP leader No. 2, said Thursday that the lopsided GOP vote was “independent” of any backlash against the Manchin-Schumer deal, but he said painful feelings could make her more hard to find a solution. “Obviously it’s not help,” he said.

After failed vote On Wednesday, Toomey said the amendment could allow the bill must be passed quickly: “My concern about this bill has nothing to do with with goal of account,” he said. “This is a budget trick, the purpose of which of doing it possible have a huge explosion in unrelated spending — $400 billion.”

But Democrats said efforts to amend the bill amounted to political games. Tester denied Toomey on on Wednesday, stating that it was absurd to think that Congress would ever spend what amount of money on unrelated programs through a bipartisan appropriation process.

“Don’t do mistake about this American people sick and tired of in games who go on in this is body,” he said. “We can do up all kinds of excuses about how This will move money around, but – let me tell you something – we are the ones who solve it. If we want to move money around, we will; if we don’t, we won’t. For now let’s pass this bill.”

toomey also rejected the view that the actions of the Republican Party were in response to the Manchin-Sumer deal.

“It’s so absurd and dishonest for anyone to suggest that has anything to do with BBB,” he said, referring to the earlier iteration known as Build Back Better. “Who knew about the BBB, you know the previous weeks when I raised this issue issue for all this time? i am very clear on record about it. So someone must be willfully ignorant of facts or it is dishonest to make such an accusation.”

The question now is whether the bill will make it to Biden’s table, and when. After them news conference on Thursday, advocates for veterans and their families moved quickly, showing up in offices of every republican who voted to block the law and demand rallies with Senators and their staffs.

Tom Porter, Executive Vice President for government relations at the IAVA, predicted that despite GOP worries about cost, senators would bow to the political reality that “no one is going to spank you for expenses money on sick veterans.

“Went to win this, but this just will not be as beautiful as we hoped,” he said.

Late Thursday, Schumer said the Senate would try again on Monday evening to advance the bill.

Lisa Rein contributed to this report.

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