Reporter corrects Dr. Oz live on air how does he do false statement about Fetterman first wish for America

Dr. Mehmet Oz has been fixed live on air after he made false claims that his opponent John Fetterman wanted do away with life imprisonment as his first political priority.

Republican nominee supporting Trump for Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate seat trails its Democratic challenger for open seat with less than a month left until election day.

He was fact-checked his statement about Mr. Fetterman during the interview with Dasha Burns on NBC News.

“When John Fetterman is asked, “If you could wave a magic wand, what one what would you do?”… he says’Well I’d get rid of of life in prison” Dr. Oz said.

But Burns who It was just interviewed Mr. Fetterman, called him out on incorrect statement.

“I asked him about it. He actually said it would be a codification Rowe vs. Wade and the abolition of filibusters,” she replied.

Earlier this week, Fetterman, 53, gave Ms. Burns his first post-stroke interview in May and spent it with closed captions because of auditory processing problems from which he still suffers.

Burns was widely criticized when she stated that “in small to speak – before the interview, without subtitles – was not clear (Fetterman) understood our conversation.”

Podcaster and business reporter Kara Swisher, who had a stroke in 2011, branded Burns’ claims as “just this is some nonsense”.

“Maybe this reporter just bad in small talk,” she tweeted.


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