Rep Nancy Mays suggests there is ‘pressure’ on Republicans will impeach Biden if party House wins

Rep Nancy Mays suggests there is ‘pressure’ on Republicans will impeach Biden if party House wins

“I believe there is pressure on Republicans to put that forward and there is this voteMace told NBC’s Chuck Todd. on “Meeting with the press” when asked if she foresees impeachment proceedings should her party win control of house. “I think that’s what some people consider.”

But a freshman legislator added: “If it happens, I believe it will cause controversy.”

Mays did not mention a source. of alleged pressure, and he was not asked to clarify on who considers move.

asked on Sunday how She will be vote if impeachment vote came to the floor, Mays said, “I won’t vote for impeachment of to any President if I feel that due process has been waived, for anyone. I usually vote constitutionally regardless of of who is in power.”

This was previously reported by CNN. year what hard-linear elements of The Republican Conference of the House of Representatives campaigned to start impeachment proceedings against Biden if the Republican Party accepts power after the midterm elections move GOP leaders so far declined to embrace.
Republicans of the House of Representatives also CONSPIRACY revenge on A special committee investigating the January 6, 2021 uprising told CNN. Former President Donald Trump leaned heavily on his allies on Capitol Hill to protect him against murder of devastating revelations about his role in in deadly attack on US Capitol. And while the Republicans are searching for ways to undermine these conclusions, their party began laying the groundwork for an inquiry into the events of 6 January. panel myself. A little of Trump’s most ferocious allies also started publicly promoting for hearings and investigations into his unsubstantiated allegations of fraud in elections 2020.
While GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy vowed aggressive oversight and investigations in GOP-led house, unclear just how he’s willing to go far when it comes to January 6 and the 2020 presidential election.
Mays, who flipped the Charlestonarea seat in 2020, voted to confirm Biden’s victory in the presidential election, angering Trump. Faced with accusations of lack of loyalty to former President, she drew a Trump-backed main contender, but ended up dominated by 8 points in her June primary.

Mays told NBC she was “very hoping” to see a “deep bench of Republicans and Democrats who will work for the president” in 2024. But she left the door is open maybe supporting Trump again if he was the 2024 Republican nominee for the president.

“I’m going to support whoever the Republicans nominate in 24 years old,” she said.


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