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Rep. Nancy Mace Faces Backlash for Pushing Impeachment Inquiry into President Joe Biden: What Critics Are Saying

Rep. Nancy Mace Faces Backlash for Arguing Impeachment Inquiry into President Biden

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) has come under fire after expressing support for an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. During an interview with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, Mace defended her stance, stating that it would provide another tool to investigate Biden’s bank records.

Questioning the Reasoning

Collins challenged Mace, asking if the evidence is supposed to lead to impeachment, questioning the purpose of opening an inquiry without substantial evidence. Mace responded by stating that the inquiry’s purpose is to gather more evidence.

Republican Investigation Without Concrete Evidence

The Republican-led House Oversight and Accountability Committee has been investigating Joe Biden for months, specifically looking into allegations of corruption and bribery related to his son Hunter Biden’s international business dealings. However, they have yet to produce any concrete evidence supporting these claims.

Despite the lack of evidence, some far-right House Republicans are threatening to force a government shutdown unless an impeachment inquiry is opened. However, objections from within their own party and skepticism from Senate Republicans highlight the insufficiency of evidence to proceed with such a drastic measure.

Democrats Disprove Republican Allegations

Rep. Jamie Raskin (Md.), the top Democrat on the oversight committee, released a report dismissing the Republican allegations against President Biden. Raskin argued that the investigation had conclusively disproven these claims and accused the Republicans of seeking revenge for former President Donald Trump.

Raskin emphasized that the investigation aimed to establish a false moral equivalency between Trump and Biden, rather than pursuing genuine evidence of wrongdoing.

Criticism of Mace’s Stance

Online viewers criticized Mace for advocating for an inquiry without proper justification. Many argued that there should be sufficient evidence to warrant an investigation, rather than the other way around.

The lack of understanding on congressional authorities displayed by congressional representatives is concerning. Opening impeachment proceedings without any evidence sets a dangerous precedent and is seen as performative rather than substantive.

One Twitter user sarcastically suggested opening an inquiry into whether Mace herself is embezzling government funds, highlighting the absurdity of launching investigations without evidence.

It remains to be seen how Mace will respond to the backlash and whether her argument for an impeachment inquiry will gain any further traction.

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