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Rep. David Cicillin Expects ‘Worrying’ Developments new evidence at the hearing on January 6

“This is our democracy. It was the greatest attack on american democracy in my life. world looking to see how we’re answering that,” a Rhode Island Democrat told CNN.

Chichillin, a. former Trump’s impeachment manager, the House Select Committee to Investigate the Jan. 6 Uprising, said. of the US Capitol more proof of what it was in 2021 during second impeachment of former President Donald Trump. He said the committee interrogated or deposed more more than 1000 witnesses and gathered more over 135,000 documents.

Selection committee officially announced Thursday is first public the hearing will take place on June 9 at 8:00 pm ET.

“I think there will be substantial evidence that does show coordination, planning and effort despite fact that they understood that Donald Trump lost the election, and even when the uprising and violence began, attempts continued to convince former The president stop the violence and call on people go home and he refused to do it,” Cicilline said.

Legislator added: “I think an American people going to learn the facts about planning and execution of it will be very disturbing.”

During an interview with Cicilline also framed an indictment against Trump adviser Peter Navarro on Friday as a victory, but stressed the importance of Control body of the Congress. He said that found ministries of justice decision don’t chase Mark Meadows, former main of employees to then-President Trump and Dan Scavino, former deputy chief of employees to Trump, “puzzling”, echoing language used in Committee statement of 6 January.

He added: “I have confidence that the Attorney General (Merrick Garland) when the direction made the department of Justice will render judgments as they see fit.”

He complimented Garland. for act like a lawyer for The American of the people is not the president, adding that Garland runs the Justice Department” way it should be run.”

first January 6 hearing will be broad review of in panel10-month investigation and set scene for follow-up hearings, expected to cover specific topics or topics, sources previously told CNN.


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