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Relative of Gills driver taken to the police, wife sent to jail


District and session court in Islamabad provided on Thursday Islamabad police inquiry for physical confinement of Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Shahbaz Gill drivers brother-in-right, when sending the driver’s wife jail.

Court announced his decision shortly after reserving it after hearing the accused counsel’s arguments.

After the court’s verdict counsel for wife applied for post-arrest application for release on bail, on about which the court later issued notices. Judicial Magistrate Salman Badar called the police and the prosecutor tomorrow with a request for wife to support in jail tonight.

Gill was arrested earlier this week. on accusations of rebellion and incitement public against state institutions.

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Following Gill’s arrest, the ICT police searched his drivers. home and claimed that the drivers family protested in a government car.

Today, during the trial, the accused counsel Faisal Chaudhry said that the incident took place at 9 PM last at night and stated that there was “video evidence that the police had infiltrated [the driver’s house] without a warrant.”

Advocate also claimed that the police ransacked the apartment of the accused home as well as also beat them up.

“We should have petitioned for habeas corpus today but the police released news to media”, said advocate as he argued that “considering role woman playing in the case suggests that she should be discharged” because “everything except one security in claims are offenses subject to bail.”

During the trial, the defendant’s 10-month-old baby daughter began to cry and he was prevented from meeting her mother whereupon the civil judge Salman Badr ordered that the girl be brought to her. in courtroom.

When the judge asked the woman wanted to say something, she stated that “the police broke down the door and entered [the house]we just came to know [of the incident] when the police got to our bedroom. Our privacy wasn’t even considered.”

“More than 20 police officers entered the bedroom and tortured us” added Nauman.

“The police entered without a warrant and violated the immunity of in home”, objected the lawyer.

The judge condemned Chaudhry’s lawyer. for “Mention of Shahbaz Gill arrest in another matter” and aims to “limit the arguments to the present case”.

Raid on gills driverx house “law”

Earlier today, Islamabad Capital Territory Police (ICT) said the raid was carried out on Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Shahbaz Gill drivers house was “legal”.

In a tweet, the Islamabad police said they were gathering “all the evidence” related to the case.

“Wherever legal action is required, the police will do their job,” they said, adding that the scale of this particular case could be extended to other provinces outside of Islamabad.

Police say action will be taken against those who we found be “concealment of evidence or erasure of evidence”.

Consulting people ignore the fake news, they claimed the action would also be accepted against distributing”false news and incitement” among people.

“The Islamabad Metropolitan Police will ensure law enforcement of law,” he said.

Gills arrest

Federal government confirmed on On Tuesday, he arrested PTI leader Shahbaz Gill. for rebellion and incitement public against state institutions.

Speech at a press conference following the arrest, Interior Minister Rana Sanaulla with Information Minister Marrium Aurangzeb said that Gill was arrested by Islamabad police after filing an FIR.

He said that “conspiratorial role” of a private the channel has also come to the fore by adding that Shahbaz Gill, former information minister Fawad Chaudhry and the administration of the channel played a prank role on Instruction of Imran Khan.

AT minister contributed to the spread of negative propaganda against martyrs of army helicopter crash on social media.

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“The attempt was made sedition and mutiny in ranks and ranks of the Pakistani army. This whole conspiracy is being investigated, and the conspirator characters determined,” he said. added.

PTI distances itself

Despite previous disappointment over “abduction” of Gilla, PTI seems to have distanced themselves from Shahbaz Gilla’s remarks. made on in private TV channel.

Conversation with Javed Chaudhry on Express news, senior This was stated by PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry. on Wednesday that Gill’s narration was “not a party position” and added that “everyone has their own opinion”.

However, he still insisted that “Shahbaz Gill should to be forgiven after the withdrawal of one’s application.”

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