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Referee stops execution of abortion ban in Michigan if Rowe is lifted; Nessel won’t appeal

Michigan court of Lawsuit judge grants preliminary injunction against family planning of Michigan, which will slow down enforcement of Abortion ban in Michigan in 1931 should U.S. Supreme Court overturns iconic 1973 Roe decision making abortion a constitutional right.

Court of Claims Judge Elisabeth Gleicher issues provisional victory to family planning of Michigan, which will slow down enforcement of Abortion ban in Michigan in 1931 should U.S. Supreme Court overturns iconic 1973 Roe decision making abortion a constitutional right.

This was stated by the Attorney General of the Democratic Party Dana Nessel. won’t appeal Gleicher’s order. Nessel named as defendant in case, the decision says. against her office This is victory for in millions of Michigan women fight for their rights.”

Gleicher issues preliminary injunction in a Planned Parenthood order is likely to succeed on arguments that “forced pregnancy” is a threat to a woman’s constitutional right to bodily integrity and due process.

“Forced pregnancy and the accompanying coercion to endure the associated medical and psychological risks are contrary to the right to self-medical decisions”Gleicher wrote.

“If a woman’s right to bodily integrity is to real means that it must include her right to do decisions about health events likely to change course of her life: pregnancy and childbirth.

Planned Parenthood sued against Nessel in April asks the court to find the right to abortion in Michigan’s constitution, which repeals prohibition first established in 1846 and recreated in 1931. Prohibition remained dormant after the 1973 Roe. decision.

Planned Parenthood Lawsuit Has Been Filed on On April 4, the same day, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer filed a similar challenge in Oakland District Court against District 13 prosecutors who the task will be with compliance with the ban in abortion clinics in their counties. Whitmer accompanied her pitch with executive communication to the Michigan Supreme Court asking the high court to hear the case immediately instead of waiting for it is subject to appeal to justices.

Alliance for Freedom group intervention in suit on on behalf of of The right to life and the Michigan Catholic Conference criticized decision given the lack of a party affected by the 1931 law and the Gleicher relationship with Planned Parenthood of Michigan.

“Today’s decision is absolutely egregious,” said John Bursh, state spokesman. former solicitor general and lawyer for An alliance that defends freedom. “Because the defendant, Attorney General Dana Nessel, did not defend the law, the court had no jurisdiction.”

Bersh said, group explores his legal options, which includes an appeal hearing review “of fraudulent judge of the Court of Appeal”.

Whitmer welcomed decision in Tuesday’s statement as “an important victory for Michiganders.”

“While today’s preliminary injunction offers immediate, critical relief, we need Michigan Supreme Court weighs in and establish the right to abortion in accordance with our state constitution,” Whitmer said. We must protect the rights of nearly 2.2 million women in Michigan to do decisions about your body, because, no matter how we personally feel about abortion, a woman’s health, and not politics, should drive important medical decisions”.

Abortion supporters criticized lawsuit because it was filed against what they called friendly party because Nessel said that neither she nor anyone in her office will protect state law.

In addition, Gleicher revealed early on in the point is that she was regular Donor Planned Parenthood of Michigan and represented group in a key constitutional challenge case of law.

On Tuesday, Nessel praised the judge for act quickly “to preserve this important right”.

“I do not have plans file an appeal and will comply with an order to notify all state and local officials under my direction,” Nessel said, referring to part of an order requiring her to inform state and local officials of injunction.

Nessel’s praise came after the lawyer general earlier this month said the case should be dismissed because there are no opposing parties, and there is no case or controversy on which the case could be built.

Gleicher did not agree and said that such an argument destroy plaintiff”ability get a reasoned judgment with valid effect.”

“According to the thesis of the defendant, in any case challenging constitutionality of lawyer law general will have the right to disrupt the constitutional challenge just reporting a non-specific consonance with position of the plaintiff,” wrote Gleicher.

“…counsel general’s unwillingness to stipulate a preliminary injunction or any other remedy creates difficulties in This business.”

The judge argued that the 1997 Court of Appeals decision in the Mahaffy case, where she served counsel to family planning – found to be a right of the Michigan State Constitution of privacy does not include the right to abortion.

But, she noted, family planning in 2022 does not require protection for abortion in accordance with the right to privacy; instead he says that the right to abortion lies in Right of the Michigan Constitution to bodily integrity and due process that have not been resolved in Mahaffy case.

“Pregnancy implies bodily integrity, because even for the healthiest women it comes with associated medical risks… thus the link between the right to bodily integrity and decision is it obvious to have a baby one”Gleicher wrote.

Bersh took issue No just with Nessel’s position on in issue and Gleicher relations with Planned parenthood, but also in ability pluck out right out of The Michigan Constitution That Wasn’t for decades.

“Somehow this right lurked under the surface for almost half a century while Judge Gleicher, Planned Parenthood former lawyer, mysteriously found one,” he said.

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