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Reduction speed limit to 20 mph has little effect on Road safety, new report finds | UK News

cutting speed limits up to 20 mph in built-up area does not significantly improve safety new report suggests.

Conclusions published online in Magazine of Epidemiology and Public Health, analyzed data before and after the introduction of the 20 mph speed limit. on 76 roads in center of Belfast in 2016.

Comparisons with streets in Environment area and elsewhere in Northern Ireland, which retained the 30 or 40 hour limit, showed “there were no statistically significant differences”. in terms of number of accidents, number of victims or average traffic speed.

However, researchers found roads with 20 mph limit did experience reduction in traffic.

The authors of report, including Professor Ruth Hunter of Queen’s University Belfast and Dr. Ruth Jepson of university of Edinburgh noted that research was less in scale in comparison with some other studies on the same topic.

The report recommends merging the 20 mph limits. with other measures such as driver training, video surveillance and police communication in to “promote ambitious cultural change that moves populations away from caris the dominant paradigm.

Report added what speed limits are not just for “Road-safety intervention” but may be “part of of fundamental reset of in way we choose our life priorities – people in front of cars.

The report comes as diagrams to cut speed 20 mph limits are getting more and more popular in UK and other parts of Europe.

Their goal is to reduce number of vehicle road traffic accidents and injuries and bring areas closer to their climate change targets.

Back in July, Senedd members voted in service of Welsh legislation to change the national default speed limit in Wales 30 mph to 20 mph. The law affects most residential roads and other busy streets and are said to enter force from September 17, 2023

The incoming law has already faced criticism. Paul Dyer, Managing Director director on the Cardiff bus it’concerned”that 20 miles per hour will add to challenges already faced an industry that is struggling to hire drivers.

Whitney in England in Oxfordshire decided to become first town in there will be 20 mph residential areas in the county in July.

According to the Oxford Mail, the county council said the focus is on on drivers adhering to new limits through change of thinking rather than coercion, and that “violating the limit would become socially unacceptable”. for drivers”.

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