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Redout 2 Patch Notes 1.03 Update Today on August 20, 2022 – Game Updates

A new Game Update has been released for Redout 2 Update 1.03 Find out all the latest information of the Gaming World like Bug Fixes, Improvements, and Patch Notes below. Redout 2 Update 1.03 is now available for download, for all platforms, including PS4, PS5,  Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

New Features

  • New HUD implemented, this new one completes our aesthetic vision of racing at crazy speeds!


  • General visual improvements and bug fixing on all environments
  • Minor addition of visual elements across different environments
  • Additional performance optimizations
  • Fixed ship explosions from dropping frames
  • Tuned game difficulty
  • Fixed crashes for first time players
  • Fixed instances where the ground would clip through the racetrack on different environments
  • Fixed an instance in which sometimes the track is displayed as inactive after the player uses time rewind
  • Fixed collisions with track and terrain in many different environments
  • Fixed to AI behaviors and respawns in many different tracks
  • Fixed a fatal error for PC users who launched the game without internet connection
  • Fixed leaderboard errors on PC
  • Fixed achievements not correctly tracking on Xbox
  • Fixed Tartarus Reverse tracks AI navigation and player respawn positions


  • Tuned the gameplay cameras to allow for a better sensation of speed and control
  • Record times for both “Speed” and “Time Attack” modes in various Career events made easier to achieve to allow for a more enjoyable experience across all levels of skill
  • Star requirements for progression lowered globally*


  • Events now show what rewards are unlocked
  • Fixed some localization errors displayed in the UI
  • Added additional animations to the UI when moving across windows
  • Added missing button icons for several hints in Cinematic race in Turkish
  • Fixed some pilot names not translated into Japanese
  • Updated the indicator for customization unlocks to make it more clear when new aesthetic  pieces are available
  • Unlocked pieces are now displayed first when navigating visual component menus


  • Added Dynamic Mix improvements
  • Health recharge sound is now less aggressive

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