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Ready for the new generation of Ford Focus?

The new generation of Ford’s family includes electrified engines and a connectivity experience of the most advanced in the market

Ford has just unveiled the first images of the new generation of its Focus, with a more aggressive and refined look, which still enhances the biggest creases in the bodywork and the boldest stylistic features. The front section with the blue oval right in the center on the new, larger front grille, together with the redesigned optical groups are the most prominent elements, but there are many more new features.

One of the biggest bets in the new generation of the Ford Focus, for example, is related to connectivity and to kick off this theme there is no way not to mention the huge rectangular central monitor that is found on top of the center console. The new SYNC 4 has a 13.2-inch diameter monitor with voice commands and updates over the network, which also includes the car’s own software updates, carried out by the brand, whenever necessary.

PUB Ready for the new generation of Ford Focus?

The algorithm used was thought out to go on learning which functions are most used by the driver and to manage the suggestions accordingly, that is, it will learn the user’s preferences as it is being used. Many of these functions can be used using just voice commands, which are available in 15 European languages, or via the FordPass app that comes with the new Focus.

Ready for the new generation of Ford Focus? PUB

Ford’s new familiar connectivity services may include a service aimed at stolen vehicles, which includes their tracking and recovery, but also a navigation system powered by TomTom and by Garmin, so that the traffic information is the most up-to-date and the route calculation the most efficient, being able to be updated by the cloud even during the trip. This information takes into account the weather conditions and three-dimensional maps of the main cities, with parking information and several others.

PUB Ready for the new generation of Ford Focus?

In the chapter on engines, the most prominent solution is the one that combines the recognized services of the block EcoBoost from just one liter to a 48 volt Mild-Hybrid system. It does not require the presence of an alternator in exchange for a belt system integrated with the starter motor, which not only allows the capture of energy, later stored in a specific battery, but also offers great help when the combustion engine needs it, improving performance , but also consumption. And yes, the range continues to include a 1.5 liter diesel with 120 horsepower.

PUB Ready for the new generation of Ford Focus?

As happened in the previous generation, while we don’t know the RS version, it’s the ST that sounds best to us, especially when equipped with the 2.3 EcoBoost engine with 280 horsepower and 420 Nm of torque, which it can be combined with a six-speed manual gearbox, with automatic adjustment of the engine speed on reductions, or with a seven-speed automatic gearbox with steering wheel controls.

In addition, the ST version also includes a sportier differential that helps in winding paths. There’s also no lack of electronically controlled suspension that collects steering, braking, suspension and body movement information about 500 times a second to adjust the damping.

A ST version will also be available in the five-door bodywork and in the van, as has been customary with previous generations, with the Dynamic Pixel LED lighting system, 19-inch wheels and a specific driving mode for use as standard. track.


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