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‘ready for Meeting will be five steps Before of UP’: Karnataka minister on BJP Youth Leader murder | India news

New Delhi: Karnataka minister Ashwath Narayan on Friday said that his government Will take strict action in The murder issue of BJP youth wing worker Praveen Ntaru And even ready to get pregnant out “Meetings” if necessary.
Narayan’s strong statement comes a day after the president minister Basvraj Bhumai said Karnataka is ready to adopt ‘Yogi Adityanath’ model’To address national and societal elements in state if required.
Karnataka ministerHowever, he went step forward said that Bommai government will be “five steps Before of UP “when it comes to addressing such incidents.
“We will take strict action, even if it means confrontation. We will go five steps Before of above. Karnataka is progressive and will be model Narayan told reporters.
Member of the youth wing of the BJP Nataru of BJP Yuva Morcha Committee hacked in Dakshina Kannada death in In front of me of his frog shop in Bellary by three miscreants who were on the bike when he was on his way home.
The incident sparked outrage in the state with cases of stone throwing, police turning, attack on BJP Head of State Nalin Kumar Katil vehicle Mass resignations by party Workers.
after the gruesome murderDivision of BJP supporters and Sangh Privar were calling for A “yogi” model” of judgment in Karnataka.
According to them, “Yogi model“Refers to the strong actions reportedly taken by the President of Uttar Pradesh minister To control the national activities in Northern State, which includes use of bulldozers against these items.
NIA to investigate BYJM leader murder
Meanwhile, Karnataka CM Bomai earlier said that the state government decided to hand over over The case is referred to the National Investigation Agency (NIA).
We have decided to hand over over The case to the NIA. It will be sent to home  Section, sections. Because it is between countries issue (Karnataka – Kerala), we decided to deliver over “It’s about the National Intelligence Agency,” Baumei said.

on Friday, one more Someone has been arrested in Connection with The killing of nataru
Earlier, two people He was arrested by the police in Connection with the case.
It is said that both detainees are members of Democratic Socialist Party of India (SDPI) and the Popular Front of India (PFI). Police said they have not determined a motive yet.
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