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Rajasthan Congress Crisis: Ashok Gilot Says Sorry, Sonia Gandhi Decision Soon: 10 Facts

Ashok Gilot has arrived in Delhi late last night for meeting with Congress President.

New Delhi:
Today Ashok Jhelot apologized to Sonia Gandhi and said he wouldn’t do it run for Congress president bears ‘moral responsibility’ for Rajasthan revolution. Congress said Sonia Gandhi would decide “in A day or two “will remain Chief Minister.

Here are the top 10 developments of this is big story

  1. Asked if Ashok Gilot will continue in Rajasthan Chief Minister, Congress Leader KC Venugopal told reporters: decision Congress President in A day or two.” Ashok Gilot had said earlier left To Sonia Gandhi.

  2. With his most sincere apologies and election next Maybe Ashok Gilot just Catch on To his job despite a big and embarrassing rebellion it wouldn’t have been possible without him support. Over 90 MLAs threatened mass resignation over It states that if Mr. Gilot runs for Congress President, will be replaced by rival Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan.

  3. Ashok Gilot falls out of The race That is, the third candidate for congress president, who his blessings of Gandhis . can be called soon. Nominations closes tomorrow for The first Election of Congress in over two decades with Candidates other than Gandhi.

  4. So far, it seems like Digvijaya Singh vs Shashi Tharoor contest in In the October 17 elections. Both will present their nominations tomorrow.

  5. Digvijaya Singh met with Shashi Tharoor after his announcement decision to compete. Share photo of Mr Tharoor tweeted, embracing: “I welcome his candidacy for chair of Our party. We both agreed that our country is not a file battle Among the contenders but a friendly competition between colleagues. both of us want He will win the Congress win!

  6. Ashok Gilot was seen as Gandhi first Cucumber for President of Congress, even rebellion By the Rajasthan State Congress, his loyal MLAs hurt his chances. The MLAs said they would not accept the Sachin Pilot, who rebel against Mr. Jahlut in 2020, as an alternative to it.

  7. Developed MLAs out Before two central leaders, Ajay McCain and Mallikargon came out, who a description rebellion as “gross indiscipline” in They report to Sonia Gandhi. Three ministers close to Mr. Jahlot were asked to explain the matter role in engineering rebellion within 10 days.

  8. Conference wanted Mr. Gehlot step down like rajasthan Chief Minister before running for Congress President. It was also He said he should respect the choice of leadership of who will replace him in Rajasthan.

  9. Mr. Jahlut wanted To keep his job in Rajasthan even while running for party president. Rahul Gandhi last week made He. She clear this is not possible Such as party you will stick to resolve of “one person, one post”.

  10. Sachin Pilot, who long overdue for His shot at the highest position in Rajasthan also Request a meeting with Sonia Gandhi.

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