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Raj Thackeray’s ‘Deadline’ ends, Mumbai on alert amid row of loudspeakers

Aurangabad police registered a case against Raj Thackeray. case

Several mosques in Near Mumbai speakers off During the call to prayer this morning after a threat by Raj Thackeray, chief of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), to play Hanuman Chalisa on Loudspeakers wherever the ears are recited on With them.

Here are 10 developments in This is amazing big story:

  1. In Kalyan, most mosques have kept loudspeakers off during the morning azan. The police held meetings with trustees of mosques who They said they would keep the speakers off In the dawn prayer on the order of the Supreme Court.

  2. In a video shared by Panvel, an MNS worker said they’re ready for it play Hanuman Chalisa on But three mosques have not yet done so in The area Amplifiers off In the dawn prayer.

  3. Take no risks, Maharashtra government she has made Intensive preparations to maintain law and order. tree leaves of police personnel It was canceled and the troops deployed in sensitive locations.

  4. Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Pandey on a round to various police stations for review the situation in the city news ANI reported.

  5. Aurangabad police registered a case against Mr. Thackeray for He allegedly gave a provocative speech two days ago. Mumbai Police has issued a notification to the Chief of MNS under Section 149 of CrPC, was invoked to prevent an identifiable crime.

  6. In a tweet statement last Evening, Mr. Thackeray repeated to him plans to play Hanuman Chalisa on Loudspeakers near mosques where loudspeakers were not present removed.

  7. “I appeal to all Hindus that tomorrow, fourth of Maybe, if you hear the loudspeaker with Azan. in these places, play Hanuman Chalisa on Amplifiers. Then they will realize the obstacle of These are loudspeakers.

  8. Mr Thackeray was asserting that his protest against The speakers are not on but my religion on social And that the recitations are from the mosques leading to noise pollution.

  9. The face-off Between Mr. Thackeray party and the state government Led by his cousin Uddhav Thackeray comes ahead of Civil elections in Maharashtra in Who is the BJP trying to control? of civic city of Mumbai body.

  10. Governor Shiv Sena accused MNS of Being “Team B” of BJP, trying to storm Sina votes with her aggressive stance on Hindutva.


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