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Rainbow Six: Extraction, Far Cry 6 and Surprises

We knew pretty much what Ubisoft was making during its performance on E3, and what was meant to come as a surprise was leaked in those days, which, knowing the publisher’s past, is perfectly adequate.

This is what we mean by unexpected things during the one-hour main show: Rocksmith +, for example, which will be a subscription version of the excellent guitar tutorial.

Obviously, this wasn’t the main attraction, so let’s turn to our usual short summary, from which you can click on the links to get to our more detailed articles as well as trailers. If you want to watch the broadcast yourself, start the video below, if you miss it and are only interested in the text, scroll further.

  • The organizers did not expect much, they immediately started with the presentation of Rainbow Six: Extraction, the final title of which has already been it was betrayed during the week (formerly known as Quarantine and then Parasite). It will be an exciting cooperative shooter where you can go to different locations with the counter-terrorists you meet in Siege to pick up a fight against an alien threat. Not everyone will be in control, Hibana, for example, was captivated by the juva. Released September 16th.
  • The Rocksmith series continues: Rocksmith + is coming, a subscription service that will offer access to plenty of numbers. This allows us to learn to play real acoustic, electric or bass guitar. There will also be a beta between June 12 and July 22, you can now sign up for the closed circle.
  • The release date of Riders Republic has been revealed, but a closed It was also shown to us at a lecture last week, so we wrote everything about it in advance.
  • Rainbow Six Siege from June 30 on PC , Stadia and Luna will play without borders, but cross-play on PlayStation and Xbox will only come in early 2022. While consoles can’t mix with PCs and streaming, progress is consistent wherever we play. A cartoon story trailer has also been released.
  • There have been mixed flashes of what extensions are coming to the various games that have already been released: Trackmania will be updated ( new summer track elements and gameplay innovations), Watch Dogs: Legion (with story DLC), Brawlhalla (with Teen Ninja Turtles), For Honor (with Mirage Season), The Crew 2 (with new cars and races), and the Ghost Recon Breakpoint.
  • There will be surprises this year on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Ghost Recon franchise, we don’t know what yet.
  • New Just Dance (HAH!) Is coming, it will be called Just Dance 2022 (WOW!) and Todrick Hall also adds his numbers. It will feature 40 songs by default, and will be released on November 4 on all platforms except PCs and mobiles (including Stadia, of course).
  • As it also didn’t knock us off our barge, the next Assassin’s Creed Valhalla DLC, The Siege of Paris, arrives this summer, a few words were told about it. There will also be a bunch of free upgrades, and in the fall there will be a Discovery mode where we can control members of the common people to learn more about the history of the Vikings. Next year there will be more add-ons, they won’t neglect the game until the sequel is released.
  • There was talk of Mythic Quest running on Apple TV +, which his second season is coming to an end recently, and from Werewolves Within, which will be a fun remake of the previously released VR game. It will be unveiled on June 25, in cinemas, and will be available from July 2 on services where “movies can be rented.”
  • They screened a Far Cry 6 trailer, with a focus on refugees, the terrible dictatorship, emphasizing how good Anton is not a face and how much Diego, his son, does not support him. In addition, it has been confirmed that the former villains will return in DLCs, we will control them in the accessories available with the Season Pass. It’ll be pretty bizarre, with drugs and all. And best of all, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon (?) Comes with it.
  • It has also been confirmed that excellent (a bit self-repeating at the end, but still fun) Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, called Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope.
  • Finally Yves Guillemot said how proud he is of the teams, the players, very grateful for the support, and everything will be very cool in the future, and incidentally remarked that a game with Snowdrop Engine is being made, of which he now shows a taste: well, this is Avatar : Frontiers of Pandora, which will be released in 2022 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles, as well as for Stadium. What did you like best?

We still have something to tell you, you can find all the interesting things here!

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