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railway station with east-west gate

Just one year after the announcement of the investment, Europe’s largest and most modern land-based intermodal terminal2, the East-West Gate in Lunsklitk, was handed over. Europe’s largest smart rail logistics terminal is the first on the continent to use its own 5G network for internal communications and technology devices. In addition, with the help of 5G technology, the completely autonomous giant cranes of the terminal, capable of very precise movements, are controlled remotely. The private 5G mobile network was built by Vodafone in Hungary, taking into account the needs of the investor East-West Intermodal Logisztikai Szolgáltató Zrt. Peter Szijjarto, 18 October. Terminal, the largest and most modern smart railway terminal in Europe. The project is an important milestone not only in domestic developments in the field of 5G, but also in the digitalization of freight rail transport. The hardware required for development was provided by the Hungarian company Huawei Technologies, and the platform and network support was provided by the Hungarian company Vodafone.

MTI/Attila Balázs

East-West Gate, considered the end point of the 21st century, is the first in Europe to use its own 5G network for internal communication and for the operation of technological devices. The most advanced mobile technology solution currently available, the 5G private mobile network, is nothing more than a private network separated from the public network. With on-site equipment, devices can connect directly to the network so information never leaves the place, meaning the network also meets the most stringent data security requirements.

Besides security, another big benefit is the increased speed, bandwidth and minimum latency of the 5G private network, which enable efficient, flexible and seamless operation of the smart railway terminal, equipped with the latest devices, technologies, control and security equipment, now without wires. In addition to the latter, the minimum latency makes it possible for the first time in Europe4 to remotely control the giant cranes operating at the terminal using 5G technology and transmission of a real-time image signal capable of very precise movements. The importance of giant remote-controlled cranes also lies in the fact that working conditions are changing and becoming more favorable. For example, in Fegnolitka, crane operators no longer have to sit on cranes all day, but can operate moving cranes from a comfortable air-conditioned room.

” Investments related to private 5G network will definitely pay off as new industrial and logistics business models can be built on next generation mobile networks, which can boost domestic companies, create jobs and last but not least, stimulate exports and make Hungary an attractive destination.The East is a great example of this: “The private 5G network installed at the West Gate intermodal terminal greatly contributes to the efficient and flexible operation of the smart rail terminal. We are proud to be Europe’s first 5G rail terminal was created with the help of Vodafone Hungary,” said Mat ias Dobo, corporate service of Vodafone Hungary. Deputy General Manager, Business Unit.

“With the construction of the East-West Gate, Hungary has returned to the map of international rail logistics. We have implemented the most advanced technologies in the terminal, so we make delivery faster and more accurately. The East-West gate, adapting to the military situation, is also prepared for the transshipment of agricultural products, so it can become the largest railway hub for the export of Ukrainian food,” said Janos Talos, CEO of East-West Intermodal investor Logisztikai Zrt.

MTI/Attila Balas

From East-West Intermodal Terminal

East-West Gate (EWG) Intermodal Terminal built with private investment of over HUF 40 billion, close to the Ukrainian-Hungarian border, at Fenyelytka, Hungary, located at the junction of normal and broad gauge railways, can handle up to one million twenty-foot containers (TEU) per year, is the largest facility of its kind on the continent in terms of theoretical capacity and area. .At the terminal between broad gauge and standard gauge as well as rail facilities and containers can be transshipped between trucks. The EWG is also suitable for loading full trucks and conventional car semi-trailers onto the railroad. This allows – in line with the EU climate goals – to redirect as much as possible freight traffic arriving at the EU border by road to rail

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