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Railroad unions threaten to continue strike until Christmas

Economists warn strikes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday may decrease by 0.3-0.4%. off gross domestic product for June, with up to one in twenty people can’t go to work.

Another public industry unions threaten follow railroad workers and go on strike, with teachers prepare to vote for strikes if they do not receive payroll close to inflation.

The National Education Union said that if it did not receive a salary offer close to inflation by Wednesday, it would inform Education Minister Nadeem Zahavi that he plans 450,000 members vote.

National Health Service workers can also walk out if you pay rise should be announced not holding this week pace with inflation – expected to reach 11 percent this year year.

christina makeney, head of Unison, the largest in the country union which includes NHS staff, warned the government that it faced the choice is to make a “reasonable payment award… or risk potential dispute”

It is clear that RMT national executive will begin CONSPIRACY next round of railroad strikes at the end of a week.

An union the source said: “We have a mandate for strike for six months. The National Executive Committee will decide what to do next. They will meet only after this week, and then need to give two weeks’ notice to employers.

RMT can call strikes with two weeks notice up to end of november, six months after the vote results were returned at the end of May. Further strikes after this will require a new vote.

Two sides in rail dispute remained poles apart on Sunday, with further negotiations should take place on Monday. The Telegraph learned that Network Rail had offered an initial two percent fee. rise and demand for job cuts while Mick Lynch, RMT general secretaryopened for in first the time he demanded a pay rise of at least seven percent.

Asked if there are passengers should expect a long fight”, Mr. Lynch told the newspaper i: “Perhaps it should be way i.e., I hope it’s not, but there doesn’t seem to be much evidence at the moment that things will go the other way. way.”

Network Rail said the company is now digging in for “a battle of exhaustion”, which had echoes of miners’ strike of mid 1980s.

A Network Rail source said: “It is unlikely that these strikes will one-off. The RMT will meet after the strikes and decide what will happen next. next and we assume it will more violation and more strike days. Then this moves dispute in battle of attrition.

“We are considering the possibility of additional payment to RMT signalmen. money break the strike. Nothing has been decided, but there have been discussions about it.”


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