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Raids on PTI houses, harassment of women members condemned

Night raids on Houses of members of the Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) police have been condemned by politicians and journalists who called them distinctive of undemocratic regime and called out treatment is dosed out to women police during these raids.

In an attempt to stop the long march of overthrown PTI, the police began crackdown on in former decree party and searched the houses of Almost all party leaders force them into hiding.

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Reacting to the crackdown, PTI chairman Imran Khan said the peaceful protest was the right thing to do. of all citizens. He said the current crackdown had raised “serious questions about handlers” when he called PML-N. government “fascist”.

PTI senior leader Fawad Chaudhry stated that at least 1,100 raids were carried out in the Punjab. last night. “The police broke into houses without a warrant and behaved inappropriately. with women and children”, he said, adding that at least 400 members, including women, in guardianship of Punjab police.

tweet also shared video of raid on residence of former Punjab health minister Yasmin Rashid. It said: “These who talking about respect of women until yesterday, it’s their honor dead Now?”

Karachi lawyer Jibran Nasir shared the video. of Judge (retired) Nasira Iqbal, mother of PTI leader Waleed Iqbal. In the video daughter-in-law of Allama Iqbal shared the harassment her employees endured. of police.

In his tweet, Iqbal compared PML-N government Stalin and Hitler.

In another video posted by PTI official pen on Twitter, it was claimed that the household of PTI leader Rehan bin Javed was harassed and intimidated by the police. who broke into house without warrants.

Host Imran Khan shared a photo of MP Rashida Khanum said police arrested MP who it’s cancer and the heart patient.

PPP leader Nafisa Shah also condemned the actions of the police against participants of PTI. It differed from the “anti-democratic approach” of in government to deal with with PTI protest.

Journalist Mazhar Abbas also sentenced of raids and these raids would not be good idea for unity government.

Human rights activist Ammar Ali Jan, who faced cases of mutiny during the PTI government said preventative arrests were the shameful part of colonial legacy. He said the protests should be allowed within of law and those who broke the law should be brought to justice.


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