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Rahul: National Herald case: Rahul Gandhi questioned by the Enforcement Directorate for 11 hoursCall again today | India news

New Delhi: In the midst of an elaborate police gang and a security ring thrown About the headquarters of the Directorate of Implementation here in In response to congressional protests against Summoning Rahul Gandhi, officials questioned the Congresswoman for about 11 hours in Connection with The money laundering An investigation into the National Herald case. I asked him join Investigations into the ED office again on Tuesday morning.
Monday session It started at 11 am with The Congress leader was asked about acquisition-related transactions of Associated Journals Ltd., publisher of National Herald and Other Congressional Publications, by Young Indian for 50 lakh rupees. The latter is private A company controlled by Congress President Sonia Gandhi and two of them children.
There was an hour’s lunch break during which Rahul visited Sonya, who undergoing treatment for Complications associated with Covid at Ganga Ram Hospital. The second session Resumed at 3.30pm and gone on past 10 pm.

Even during Rahul’s interrogation, the proceedings unfolded outside with Congress claims police abuse in deal with protesting party. former union minister P Chidambaram and party Representative Pramod Tiwari said they were shot in the ribs, while Congress demanded AICC general secretary KC Venugopal Organization Was Raised Physically And removed from the site of MP Shakti Sinh Gohil protested the sugar cane charge for Defying the ban orders of the Delhi Police.

BJP hit back with The Union Ministers, Smriti Irani and Dharmendra Pradhan, claimed that the protests were a “ploy” to divert attention from the corruption of the congress leaders.
According to sources, Rahul’s interrogation was videotaped and eventually of The session It was made to me sign his written statements. Rahul and Congress claim no wrongdoing behind It was an AJL deal where Young Indian was a non-profit company and acquisition of AJL was supposed to save him.

earlier, in In the morning Rahul led a procession of Congressional leaders from party office On a bigger road here towards the ED headquarters on Dr. ABJ Abdul Kalam Road, five minutes drive from Capitol Hill. After walking some distance Rahul climbed a vehicle To reach the luxury new building of anti-money laundering Agency.
Congress President Sonia Gandhi has been summoned on June 23 in The same situation after I reported the disease on June 8 and sought new dates. The agency investigates violations behind acquisition of AJL that owns real estate in major cities in India appreciates over 800 crore, as per ED estimate.

Rahul: National Herald case: Rahul Gandhi questioned by the Enforcement Directorate for 11 hoursCall again today |  India news

The Young Indian was launched as a Section 25 not-for-profit by Congress President Sonia Gandhi with some close friends in November 2010.
Senior ED officials denied the congressional allegations of Political retaliation by saying that the investigation into the National Herald case has begun under the Prevention Act of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) earlier this year after court took Knowledge of Income tax (IT) investigation report that confirmed that employees of Indian guy indulged in it in Hawala transactions (illegal cash Transactions) to acquire AJL. that they also He said that the violations first Came to me light When UPA was led by Congress in office And Congress held the charge of Ministry of Finance.
IT report was also Yi . accused of taking over 99.99% of the stock of The AJL with the purpose of Get all in assetswhich according to the IT assessment report for 2011-12, rated worth 414 crores at that time.
“Target of The scheme was twofold, one to get valuable embodies benefits in business assets of AJL and not pay any tax on business Revenues of Get such an advantage,” then held the IT department.
ED had been questioned earlier senior party Malecargon staff is out, also Leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha, and Pawan Bansal, current treasurer of The party in April. the two senior leaders also office bearers in Young Indian and AJL.
BJP on Monday raised issue of Young Indian (YI) gets ‘loans’ of 1 crore from Dotex Merchandise Pvt Ltd, a shell company based in Kolkata.


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