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Rahul Gandhi’s visit to a Kathmandu nightclub caused a Bjp-Congress dispute. I read here

to rule party At the center of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the opposition party The Indian National Congress (Congress) entered the war of Tweets, a day after watching Rahul Gandhi, a Congressman from Wayanad attending a wedding in Kathmandu.

Potshots were stormed from both sides, when the BJP took Dig into Rahul Gandhi’s presence a party in Kathmandu at the time when the conference party He is said to be suffering from an acute internal crisis.

Congress had spread up the allegations of ‘Uninvited’ foreign trips of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi is on On a three-day visit to Europe, where he visited Germany and did left for The second leg of His trip to Denmark.

According to a report published by Kathmandu Post on Monday , former He was the president of Congress in Himalayan nation to attend the wedding of his Nepalese girlfriend Sinema Udas, who father He served as Nepal’s ambassador to Myanmar. wedding planner for The newspaper reported that a reception will be held on Tuesday, Thursday.

Bharatiya Janata national Congress leaders and supporters accused of “Parties” while going on at the same time critical of India led by BJP government on social media.

The developments surfaced after a congressional Twitter address criticized the prime minister for Traveling abroad at a time when there were turmoil in Country. There is a crisis in country, but Sahib (Prime Minister Modi) is enjoying outside,” the Congress tweeted.

For this BJP on Tuesday, tweet a video of Congressman in a place What looked like a nightclub. BJP IT Cell in- Official Amit Malviya shared the video and said, “Rahul Gandhi was in a nightclub when Mumbai was under takeover (sic). He was in a nightclub at the time when he was party Explodes. It is fixed. Interestingly, soon After Congress refused to outsource their presidency, hit Jobs started on Their candidate for prime minister…”

In response to the BJP’s allegations, Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjwala denied that Gandhi went to Nepal as an “uninvited guest” unlike Prime Minister Modi. who Went to Pakistan’ to celebrate former Happy Birthday to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

“He went to a friendly country of Nepal…Maybe after today, Prime Minister Modi and the BJP may decide that attending a wedding is illegal. I checked last time, with a file family in This country, he has friends in This country, attending weddings, betrothal ceremonies, etc., is an order of Our culture and civilization. Not yet a file crime in This country to marry be friends with someone or to attend their wedding celebrations. Perhaps after today, Prime Minister Modi and the BJP may decide that attending the marriage is illegal, Surjwala said at a press conference.

Congressman Virundunagarh Manekam Tagore also defended Gandhi. “What is it wrong in When to attend a wedding? Why is Sanji afraid of him? Why Sankees spread lies? everyone of us Attended private Jobs,” he said on Twitter.

Just a few days ago, poll expert Prashant Kishore announced that it would not work for Conference party according to fact Led by Sonia Gandhi party Needs ‘leadership and collective will to fix deep structural roots problems”

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