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Rahul Gandhi to become chief minister, happy to walk Karnataka influential Linjayat Mott

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi with The seers in Sri Murugarajendra Mutt in Chitradurga in Karnataka.


fortune teller in the Lingayat school in Today Karnataka said that Rahul Gandhi will be Prime Minister, even head Intervention of the seer and added The sources said that this warning is a blessing.

The leader of the conference was meeting with fortune tellers at Sri Murugarajendra Mutt in When is Chitradurga? one of Haveri Husamut Swami told them in His speech “Rahul Gandhi will become the Prime Minister,” according to the sources. In this, Sri Shivamurthy Murga Sharanaru, President of Enterprise, I learned to be cut off and added”Whoever visits our children, you will be blessed.”

Lingayats, about 17 percent of Karnataka populationThey were traditionally BJP voters. With Mr. Gandhi’s visit to the state restricted by suffrage, Congress hopes to expand its appeal and project The unit is inside party very. Elections should be held in May next year.

Rahul Gandhi to become chief minister, happy to walk Karnataka influential Linjayat Mott

Rahul Gandhi and Speaker of Karnataka Congress DK Shivakumar in Sri Murugarajendra Mutt in Chitradurga.

after existence in power From 2013 to 2018, Congress briefly formed a file government After the 2018 elections, in partnership with Janata Dal (secular). who – which government – Led by JDS party leader HD Coomaraswamy – collapsed in just over a year After several MLAs from coalition He resigned, reduced him to a minority, and then came the BJP rule to the state again.

BJP in the beginning made BS Yediyurappa, from Lingayat communityThe Chief Minister. else year replaced him with Passavraj Pomay, who he is also of the same community.

Congress is struggling with Crack inside. Legislature party Chief Sidaramaya and Head of State Unit DK Shivakumar are competing for The CM’s post if it was party Come to me power.

Rahul Gandhi sought to address this in a meeting of political unity of the state affairs A committee on Tuesday night as leaders urged to work together and we don’t talk out publicly, according to news PTI Agency.

party, party general secretary KC Venugopal later told reporters that “there is no leadership issue Absolutely. individual opinion also unacceptable. The party’s new MLAs and senior leadership will decide on Commander after winning.

He added, “The committee will meet frequently and take collectively decisions in interest of The party. Rahul Gandhi appealed to the leaders of The party To go strong and alone against misrule of BJP in “Karnataka and the center,” he said, adding that it was unanimously decided not to talk about internal matters. in public. “Some expressions unintentionally or knowingly made here and there before media. do not fall for This trap… party leaders should do not talk in different sounds within or outside,” He said.

It was first Meeting of The committee since its formation on July 9, together with Mr. Gandhi and Mr. Venugopal, in Attendees were Siddaramaiah and DK Shivakumar, along with party’s campaign Committee Chairman MB Patel, Leader of opposition in BK Hariprasad Legislative Council, the senior Leaders like HK Patil, Dinesh Gundu Rao, M Veerappa Moily and G Parameshwara.

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